Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse

Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse


Posted 2014-10-07 by Dayna Chufollow

I'm not an Isagenix sales representative, and I am not trying to sell you this product, nor recruit you. I was, however, given product to sample and review; all opinions expressed are my own.

Isagenix develops and manufactures programs to assist in weight management, long-term wellness and skincare. Isagenix products are distributed through an independent network of associates in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

Isagenix is a natural body cleansing system, designed to help you lose weight, improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and improve your sporting performance. "By using Isagenix, you're able to jump start weight loss quickly and safely. In just four days using Isagenix, many people lose more weight than they ever have on any diet. Isagenix is more than just a diet; it's a thorough cleanse and detox."

Isagenix programs combine meal replacement shakes with healthy, filling snacks that curb hunger and flush toxins. I, like most users, saw weight-loss results within just two days. Isagenix offers that "your well-being will last a lifetime", but I suspect they may only be able to claim that to be true if you continue to use the product for a lifetime.

So, what is the product like? I enjoy the main shake product, IsaLean; you can order chocolate or vanilla. I chose all vanilla, because sometimes I like to throw in a handful of frozen blueberries, mangoes, a banana, or other fruit or greens. I would recommend using some sort of blender to mix the drink, even if you're just mixing the powder with water. I found that vigorous shaking, even with a shake mixer insert, was not enough to break down the powder into a smooth drink.

While the representative I was working with enthusiastically endorsed the taste of the Ionix Supreme daily supplement drink, I had to gulp it down in one go with a shudder. I tried to experiment a bit by diluting with water, but I really did not enjoy this one.

The chocolate snack bites were tasty, if a bit chalky at first. Bit of a chocolaty treat to curb some cravings. I should mention here that your first order is covered by a product money back guarantee within 30 days.

Their Facebook page, and of course the Isagenix and IsaTonic websites offer many success stories, including a recent victory for Nikole Dickinson, losing 20.3 kilograms in 100 days using Isagenix products.

I know one of the first questions you're asking, and that is, " How much does Isagenix cost? " The cost of each product can be found by viewing the full range of Isagenix products. The 30-Day Cleanse is $358.59, which works out to $12 a day "for most of your monthly food bill." You do not need to commit to a full cleanse package.

Commitment. Okay, now you are wondering, "How long do I have to follow the Isagenix program?" Isagenix commits to improving your body from the inside out, "delivering waves of nutritional well-being and mental clarity." Although some customers only choose to complete one to two months of the program, they would, of course, recommend staying on some form of the products, such as the shakes, for as long as possible. If you did choose to leave the Isagenix program, there are no exit fees or locked in contracts of any sort. They do have a compelling pricing scheme that makes it tempting to start off on a monthly autoshipment of products.

I'm not sure that I could commit for life, but to kick start some weight-loss goals, or for an annual nutritional cleanse, I can see myself returning to Brad at IsaTonic for more Isagenix products.

Visit or to see the complete Isagenix® product line including: Cleanse for Life®, Ionix Supreme, Ageless Actives™, Ageless Renewal Serum "and much more."

Brad Russell at IsaTonic is part of the Isagenix Australia network as an independent associate; they ship Isagenix products to Australia, Asia and New Zealand. For inquiries, email [email protected] or call 0411 860 746

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