Introduction to Bird Painting with Angela Rossen - Adult Event

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Posted 2023-09-12 by Sarah Corkfollow

Sat 16 Sep 2023

Take another step up from watching the birds

Bird watching is very interesting, but painting them allows you to keep their memory forever. Birds are lovely, but obviously, they are not all something to keep in your home. You can't and shouldn't have a native bird as a pet. And sometimes you can't snap a photo of them either. So what happens when you want to remember what they look like? There are, of course, lots of choices, but one option is to learn how to draw these beautiful creatures. If you have always loved art, and maybe always wanted to learn how to draw, then you will want to head to the Introduction to Bird Painting with Angela Rossen - Adult Event

You must love birds to take part. Well, not really, but honestly it would help. Birds are beautiful creatures who are varied and sweet. There is nothing better than hearing them sing and watching them fly through the trees. Unless they are magpies, then watch them from a distance. And if you're a bird lover, you will find this class, full of other bird lovers, perfect. The class will be fun, full of laughter and more. The other people in the class will share your passion for birds, and the teacher is a brilliant and fun guide.

You will learn how to paint and draw your birds, and the teacher is a biodiversity educator, so while you draw and paint, you will be learning more about the birds and their habitats. You can ask any questions that you might want to know, and you will also learn how to help the birds thrive in your garden.

This is a workshop that is only $5, and it is suitable for painters of all skills. If you are a beginner, you're going to learn a lot, and if you're a seasoned artist, then you're going to learn the skills that will improve your work! Everything you need will be provided, and you're going to want to book in fast if you want to take part. Places are limited and they are going to fill up fast. Head to the Cockburn Library in Success on Saturday, the 16th of September. The class starts at 1:30pm and will continue until 4:30pm. You will be drawing birds everywhere after that!

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