The Charm of Sai Kung Village

The Charm of Sai Kung Village


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Located in South East of New Territories, Sai Kung is very popular among locals and tourists as it is well known for its scenic spots, charming villages, and hiking trails. The seafront promenade alongside the scenic harbour overlooks numerous small islands and beautiful seascapes.

In particular, Sai Kung village is famous for its seafood restaurants, which are located mostly along the southern end of the promenade. Along the seafront promenade, you can find a line-up of fishing boats (or you can call them 'sampans') selling catches of seafood directly to the public and local seafood restaurants.

Interestingly, people can call out from the dock and bargain, and the fisherman would then transfer the seafood up in a bucket on a pole.

While you can choose to buy the seafood from the fishermen at the pier, this can be a hassle to bring them home for cooking especially after all day activities in the village. Alternatively, you can treat yourself a good meal at the restaurants to enjoy the freshness of seafood. However, be prepared to pay for a bit premium.

Additionally, there are piers along the seafront promenade and from which you can take some ferry services to outlying islands.

If you love nature, visits to Kiu Tsui Country Park is an experience not to be missed. Located in Port Shelter of Sai Kung, Kiu Tsui Country Park occupies an area of 100 hectares. In addition to the largest Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui), the park has 7 other outlying islands within its boundaries : Kiu Tau, Pak Sha Chau, Tai Tsan Chau, Siu Tsan Chau, Cham Tau Chau, Yau Lung Kok and Tuen Tau Chau. You can take a 'kaido' at the Sai Kung Market ferry pier (pictured) to visit these islands.

The small island of Kiu Tau is connected to Sharp Island by a tombolo (a ridge of pebbles and sand) only at a low tide. As it is submerged during high tide, you can only walk across the sandy strip to reach the inshore islet within a short window of time. Before embarking on your exploration, it is important to find out the tidal changes at different times of the day. Check out the signboard which lists out the tidal prediction from Hong Kong Observatory for reference.

How to get there (there're different options)**

(1) Take the MTR to Choi Hung Station (Exit C2), then take the minibus route 1A.

(2) Take the MTR to Hang Hau Station, then take the minibus route 101.

(3) Take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station (Exit C2) and then take bus No. 92 at the bus terminus.

Go check out the MTR map .

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