7 Interesting Facts About Adelaide

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Posted 2012-10-29 by Joyfollow

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide has historically been the hub of free-spirited and free-thinking people. Adelaide was the first place to abolish sexual and racial discrimination, the first to do away with capital punishment, the first to recognise Aboriginal land rights, the first to give women voting rights and interestingly is also the first place to legalise nude swimming.

This beautiful city has many secrets of its own. Read on to find out my top picks of some of the quirky facts about Adelaide.

1. A city named Adelaide was born
In 1836, a city named Adelaide was born with a proclamation under a gumtree at Glenelg, now a seaside suburb west of the city. The original inhabitants of the Adelaide Plains were the Kaurna aboriginal peoples. However, the constant influx of the European settlers and the resulting power struggles led to these traditional owners disappearing into the abyss of history.

2. Land of free settlers

Adelaide was established as a colony for the free settlers and is the only capital city that was inhabited by free settlers from its inception. Because it was a planned capital for a free settled British province in Australia, there was a notion that there would be little crime therefore no prison was built in Adelaide for several years. However, a prison was built later following disruption in social lives by criminals who took advantage of the absence of police force and prisons in Adelaide.

3. City of Churches
Adelaide has been nicknamed the City of Churches. Although it is not known as to who first started using this nickname, one only needs to take a look around to dig out the rationale behind such a nickname. Churches boasting exquisite architectural designs abound in this beautiful city with the Holy Trinity Anglican Church being the oldest which was built in the year 1838. With the increment in population, the number of churches enjoyed a huge boost over time.

4. Home to biggest Aboriginal Artefacts display
Adelaide is reportedly the home to the biggest display of Aboriginal Culture and aretefacts. These are showcased at the South Australian Museum as well as at Tandanya – the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute.

5. The '20 minutes' city

Adelaide is renowned for being highly accessible. Arguably one can reach any point in the city within a period of 20 minutes thus the nickname of '20 minutes' city. This essentially suggests that any high profile location in Adelaide including the airport, city centre, beaches can be accessed within 20 minutes.

It is also said that you can walk to any of the hotspots within the city in 20 minutes from any of the hotels in the city.

6. Home to biggest glasshouses
Adelaide's exotic Botanic Garden has the largest and oldest glasshouses in the Southern hemisphere. These glasshouses sure make some terrific tourist attractions.

7. Opal Capital
Adelaide is not only the capital of South Australia but is also the opal capital of Australia. So do not forget to go shopping for opal on your next trip to Adelaide.

These are only some of the many interesting facts about Adelaide. The next time you pay a visit to Adelaide or encounter a bored looking guide, pose some questions to them - you will certainly learn more stories about this amazing city.
Do you know any quirky fact about Adelaide which should have made it to the hall of fame above? Then, feel free to share them with our avid readers.**

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