Inspector Sun - Film Review

Inspector Sun - Film Review


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In Cinemas 15 Feb 2024

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Set in Shanghai, China, 1934, beneath the feet of humans, a film noir world of spiders as cops, and gangsters co-exist. Inspector Sun , the bug world's greatest crime investigator boards a seaplane to San Francisco after finally capturing his arch-nemesis. A loner Huntsman Spider still grieving his slain wife, his much-needed vacation is interrupted by Janey, his wannabe apprentice, a tiny orphan jumping spider who has stowed away on board. After a dinner on this luxurious seaplane, wealthy doctor Bugsy Spindlethorp is found murdered. He was honeymooning with his wife Arabella, a black widow. Once again, Sun finds himself needed, to solve a murder mystery. Trapped in a glamorous web of lies, he must solve a case upon which hangs the fate of all humanity.

Directed by Julio Soto Gurpide, Malaysian comedian and actor Ronny Chieng lends his voice as Inspector Sun in the English version of this Spanish film. The rest of the cast are Emily Kleimo as Janey; Jennifer Childs Greer as Arabella; Iain Batchelor as Captain Skelton; Rich Orlow as Red Locust; Scott Geer as Dr. Bugsy Spindlethorp; Jeanette Grace Gonglewski as Ant Queen; and Paul Louis Miller as Mr. Gill Tea. An animated, family-friendly comedy, it has a running time of 88 mins and is rated PG. The film will be in cinemas 15 February 2024.

Sun is actually expelled from the police force after causing irreparable damage during his arrest of the evil Red Locust, hence the extended vacation. When Security Chief Scarab catches Janey on board, his policy is to literally throw her off the plane, and kick her out the door, but eventually, Sun intervenes, and now he's stuck with Janey. When the murder occurs, Scarab and Captain Skelton immediately suspect black widow Arabella, but Sun is not so sure. Janey is beyond excited to help Sun solve the case that has evidence pointing to Sun's nemesis the Red Locust, but Sun has no interest. Sun believes Red is locked up. Later in his cabin, when a Glob Termite attacks him, Sun decides to investigate the murder but has something bigger at play. However, evidence is hard to come by, as the resident Ant Queen and her workers are speedy at cleaning up the evidence from the crime scene. The Queen tells Sun some of her workers have gone missing by the thousands, and this adds to Sun's workload to find out why.

This is a bug world as you've not seen before. They tell a good story that will interest young and old and the animation is impressive; the colours, the characters, the expressions. The cherry on top for me was the recognisable voice and accent of Ronnie Chieng. Each time Sun spoke, I had Ronnie front and centre in my mind's eye. The animated world was creative in the way it intertwines scenes of the human world and the bug world, as humans walk around unaware of all the bugs that avoid being stepped on as they get on with their lives. While the humans occupy the passenger cabin, beneath the floors and cargo, the hull is but another world where the bugs live as lavishly as the humans above, though you might cringe at the dinner choice of some. But, they are bugs/insects after all.

This murder mystery is quite stylish with a flavour of a bygone era, complete with Black Widow the femme fatale. Sun as the bumbling fool is a little grating and over the top at times - well, most times; but it's easily forgiven as what Sun lacks in brains, sheer luck kicks in. The plot of the story is a little more complex than a simple murder and will keep you guessing, and perhaps turn out to be what you didn't expect at all. The Queen Ant is impressive as she rules her subjects majestically, her finger on the pulse of all that's happening around her. Acidic venom, large goops of yellow guts, a hollowed corpse, and a thickening web of deception keep the audience engaged and on their toes. Some parts and the plot of the story may go right over the heads of the very young, but still, this web of intrigue is quite intelligently thought out, in spite of the slow-to-catch-on Inspector Sun.

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