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Posted 2014-04-18 by Justin Ongfollow
The number of new ice-cream parlours in Malaysia are mushrooming to the extent that I had long lost account of how many there actually are.

Good news is, there are infinitely more opportunities to sample what flavours each of these parlours have to offer, and for a Monday night, Inside Scoop wasn't a bad place to start exploring some of them in my home country.

Located in the chic and stylish area just outside Kuala Lumpur known as Bangsar, Inside Scoop lies at the heart of high-end shopping and several boutique eateries. On that line of reasoning alone, Inside Scoop is a great place to wind down after a day of work, shopping, or even as a form of escape from the hectic life of KL.

Having looked at the variety of flavours available that night, it became very clear that I would have a hard time choosing the perfect ice-cream to end the night. From all-time classics like cookies and cream, and mint chocolate, there are also flavours that are uniquely Malaysian, such as green tea and durian.

Admittedly, I was also there to catch up with a friend. But it wasn't everyday that you get to catch up with a friend who happened to work at an ice-cream parlour.

Having had the pleasure to sample some of the flavours to my heart's content, I went for a mix of old and new. To complement my scoop of mixed berries with cheese, I went for a scoop of teh tarik ice-cream, to my friend's bewilderment.

For the curious, teh tarik (or pulled tea in literal Malay translation) is a hot milk tea beverage commonly found in South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Made of black tea, condensed milk and/or evaporated milk, it is considered as Malaysia's national drink.

Choosing what to go with the double-scoop ice-cream became a humorous affair when Elena recommended cone over cup, then chocolate cone over vanilla cone. I went with her recommendation on the first one, but my conventional instincts meant I stayed with a vanilla cone. Word of advice: listen to her and take the chocolate cone.

In the end, the sweet, cheesy elements of the mixed berry-cheese combo mixed awkwardly with the unique qualities of teh tarik ice-cream, but my curiosity and daring were the only ones to blame. As for the cone, it was crispy yet brittle, while some cones I've had were crispy and broke in larger pieces, so cone-wise, it might come down to personal taste. Despite my poor ice-cream combination, I can say that all the flavours I tried have enough flavour in it, and some of these ice-creams, with a richer texture, might be to the liking of some.

If memory served me well, a double-scoop ice-cream will set you back by around MYR12.80, but there are also other fun ways to enjoy your ice-cream, waffles & cones.

So the next time you're out and about in Bangsar looking for a cooling, adventurous treat, take my Inside Scoop for it.

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