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Posted 2012-10-03 by Dottiefollow

There is an abundance of great stores in Leura Mall, where you can get anything from kitchen accessories, candy, clothing, toys, books and furniture. Whenever I'm in Leura, I always make a point of visiting Inner Space, an artfully presented store full of great gift ideas, stunning and unique pieces of furniture and lots of other goodies.

When you first enter the store, you may be overwhelmed by the abundance of things to look at, with the front room being pretty crowded with furniture and items on display everywhere you look. Don't be daunted though - just take your time and walk slowly through the store, taking in all the wonderful goodies and imagine how these would look in your own home.

Given it's such a cosy store with lot's of things on display, I wouldn't recommend bringing children into Inner Space - as one foul move could bring down a whole display. On that note, you should also move very mindfully if you've already been shopping and are carting around a few big bags of goodies. There's definitely no room for a stroller, so if you've got one you'll need to leave that outside.

The store is made up of three rooms, one large at the front of the store, and then two smaller ones that you pass through as you walk back through the store. All three rooms are packed with furniture and items on display. You'll be tempted to touch something in every room and just enjoy the great textures and designs available.

The furniture at Inner Space is decidedly unique and definitely not what you'd find at the likes of Ikea or Freedom. The pieces are typically striking and bold, with classic lines bringing together the old and the new. The range varies as stock comes and goes, however you'll often find some great leather and fabric chairs, leather sofas, distressed wood dining tables, buffets, side-tables and coffee tables.

Inner Space is the perfect place to shop for a special and unique gift. There are some wonderful silver pieces, designer chess boards and other board games, picture frames and a host of knick-knacks for any distinguished desktop. There is also a variety of kitchen accessories, including silver serving utensils, napkin rolls, ice buckets and tea pots.

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