Indian Cooking Class

Indian Cooking Class


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Fri 27 Oct 2023

Take a tasty trip to India

Indian food is delicious but it's a bit of a trip to go to India every time you want dinner. An Indian restaurant will give you a wonderful taste of India, but sometimes you want handmade food and if you want to be able to spend some time with your family in your own home, eating authentic Indian meals, then there is only one thing that you can do. A cooking class, designed specifically to help people learn how to make traditional and tasty Indian meals will help you. So head to this Indian Cooking Class to create the taste of India in your own home.

In this two-hour cooking class, you and the other budding chefs will learn how to make a really tasty meal. The classes are kept small so that you can get as much attention from the teacher as you might need. Your guide has been working and training with the top chefs in India. The Laughing Kook has been teaching people for a few years now and you will learn a new love for cooking on the night.

You will make memories, meals and have a laugh while you do it too! You will make new friends or you might take a friend and share this experience on the night. And then you will be able to make it for all of your friends and family whenever you want to.

The class will cover a two-course meal that has all of the sides you might want!

You will learn how to make Jeera Rice and the delicious Butter Chicken dish that is everyone's favourite. And then to make things even better, you will make some Mango Lassi and Jalebi. By the end of a meal like that, you will feel like you're really in India having a home-cooked meal.
Everything that you need to make these dishes are included in the ticket prices. You are allowed to bring your own drinks to accompany the meal!

This workshop costs $79 per person, which is cheaper than a lot of cooking classes you might choose to attend. If you do want to take part, you should book in early, the classes are kept to 8 people per session. So it does book up fast. There is free parking on site, so head to the Vic Park Community Centre on Friday, the 27th of October. The classes starts at 6pm and you will have made wonderful meals by 8:30pm to eat and share with the people you love for years to come! This is a skill that will pay for itself in the future, plus you get to show off those skills whenever you want later!

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