In Waiting at Blood Moon Theatre

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Posted 2018-10-13 by Gypsy Rosefollow

Thu 11 Oct 2018 - Fri 19 Oct 2018

In Waiting is a new and confronting play by Mons Sans Production and Actors Anonymous. The play tackles the realities of life and death and makes you question your own life...

Estelle Avery (Katie Regan) wakes up in what appears to be a doctor's waiting room, however, what she does not realise is, this is no ordinary waiting room and she is in no ordinary state...she is dead!

She is frightened and confused and when she calls for help Acis Veto (Dean Nash) appears. He begins to tell her that this is 'the waiting room' for dead people with unresolved issues and the only person that can help her is a mysterious figure called Ignus (Alison Benstead), the psychologist for the dead.

Throughout the play, Estelle encounters many other dead people, all with issues that they have carried on from when they were alive, from real life. As time passes more questions about her own death begin to rise.

The play presents each person's life: Randal A Tut (Nathaniel Hole), Desmond Bentley (Steve Maresca), Adeline Peeves (Courtney Adams), Fifi Stoppard (Alana Birtles), and Daniel Nix (Dale Wesley Johnson Green) who are all in the 'waiting room' with Estelle and Acis and with a visit from ID (Rosyln Hicks) coming to take each person to see Ignus.

Each person in the waiting room needs help to move on. Each character has their own story and we were confronted with heartfelt, emotional and confronting themes that some of us can connect with from domestic violence, suicide to abuse.

As we watch each person, the question rises- can they all move on or will they be trapped in the waiting room forever?

Does Ignus have the answers and if so, will she be ready to face the truth that binds all who are in the waiting together?

The play was executed perfectly from all the cast and writer and director Liviu Monsted took us into the world of death and as quoted by Monstead "This show is born from love of macabre and the need to address the often overlooked psychosis of people dealing with death", he has shown that through this stellar performance.

In Waiting also raises questions about our own lives; Are we really happy? Will we regret life once we pass on? Are we good people?

Tickets can be purchased online.

Do note that the play deals with themes of violence, suicide, bodily harm and psychosis. Graphic makeup is used on the actors.

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