Impromptunes The Completely Improvised Musical - Review

Impromptunes The Completely Improvised Musical - Review


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Thu 28 Mar 2024 - Sun 21 Apr 2024

Image - Melb Int'l Comedy Fest 2024

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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Hands up Impromptunes Virgins! That would be me! I have to admit to never going to any Improv shows because I figured - "how good could it be if the audience has to give them ideas and they had to do it on the spot! Lazy or what!" I think what caught my eye was the word 'musical' in the title, and I thought "wow, that's going to be different because it's going to be a musical - an actual show - not just people making it up with stand up comedy". No expectations, no real clue - just a little inkling, I trotted off to the Swinburne Studio at ACMI - Federation Square, corner Flinders and Swanston streets in the heart of the city across from Flinders Train Station. Head to the left upon entry where there's a make-shift bar with an array of drinks except soft drinks and a backdrop where you can take selfies, and a merchandise table to get your Impromptunes souvenirs.

Aside from the performer with the red jacket and a satchel across his chest in the first image -same one in the middle in the second image, who was not in the show, the rest of the cast were our creatives performing on the night, along with two musos, the man in black (all black) on drums and the one with the red suspenders on keyboard. I can tell you straight up, I was blown away like the rest of the audience at how creative the cast was on the spot! With everyone yelling out titles as to what they'd like to see, the one that screamed loud and clear - "Camping and Tents" got a huge impressive Impromptunes Button gift that nailed him as the one responsible for giving the show a title.

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The musos get first dibs at thinking about the title for a few moments before they come up with a loop and tunes that would suit and support the theme of the impromptu show. And wallah! - we have ourselves six 7-8 year old girl scouts (the guys were girls too which only added to the comedy) on our hands, camping with tents in the deep, dark woods. What a story they wove together that was fun, innocent, yet spooky, while lightly touching on environmental issues, a predator, and ghosts. About a young girl that was plucky, got lucky, and found her courage. The audience was in rolls of laughter. What a shame you don't get to see it twice because it was so very good, amazingly creative, and so much fun. I was gob-smacked at the intricate story they wove together on the spot, vocals almost on point, the musicians at times a step behind slightly trying to find their groove to weave into the impromptu storyline being created on the spot, no one knowing what was coming up next.

Kudos to the cast of creatives as they were absolutely fabulous, and even when a couple floundered for a half second or two when put on the spot, the floundering was just as endearing and funny! I have no hesitation in recommending this rather accomplished cast as they've certainly changed my mind about improve, as they were just the best! Get your Tickets Here for a great night out of laughter and fun in the heart of the city, and for more information about the show which runs from now till Sunday 21 April 2024 when the last Impromptunes event ends. It also happens to be the end date of the comedy festival so be sure to check out their website for all other shows. I've already got tickets to all my favourites at the comedy festival, and I'm not afraid to try something/someone new. For more info on Impromptunes, see here .

On the way out, the lovely Isabella Valette , one of the performers, handed me a flyer of their other 'comedy festival' show called Cabaret Unscripted: The Improvised Comedy Cabaret which runs from 1-13 April 2024 (except the 12th) at the kitschy and gorgeous The Butterfly Club - Upstairs, 5 Carson Place, entry via Little Collins St, Melbourne. You'll find two of Australia's finest improv talents on the stage, spontaneously crafting every lyric, melody and punchline based on your suggestion. It's going to be "laugh out loud bat shit crazy" as reviewed by Perth Fringe, and I'd have to agree if what I saw of Valette's performance is anything to go by. She's tall, willowy, great vocals, with these sumptuous malleable lips that need a show of their own. She's talented and gorgeous so be sure to catch the Cabaret, and The Butterfly Club is always an experience that'll have you rubber-necking at so much kitsch to look at in their decor. Just do it. Get those tickets to the Cabaret as well, and have a fun night out. Fill date night with entertainment and laughter!

Image - Impromptunes: Isabella Valette

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