IF - Film Review

IF - Film Review


Posted 2024-05-15 by Sarah Corkfollow
Make sure to bring tissues!

It is disguised as a kids film, full of fun, but be warned, this movie is heartwarming, heartbreaking and hilarious for people of all ages! The movie asks a simple question, what if Imaginary Friends were real? Now, for all the little kids out there, of course, your imaginary friends are real! But, if we think for a moment that these Imaginary Friends aren't real, then, what if they were? Imaginary Friends are better known as IFs in this movie, and they all need the help of one little girl. She has had a tough life before the narrative picks up and she needs their help too. IF is one of these movies that will worm its way into your heart and won't leave you for days. It's an instant classic.

It's a magical world, where the IFs are living in a sort of retirement home once their children have grown up. And once they have been forgotten by their kids, they move into the home together and Cal, played by Ryan Reynolds is working to help them find new kids that need a friend. Once Bea, played by the incredibly talented Cailey Fleming starts to see the IFs too, she wants to help. She discovers that the IFs don't need new kids, they need their original kids to remember them. She works with a couple of the IFs to reconnect before she makes an incredible and wonderful discovery about Cal, which will change her life forever.

There isn't a weak performance in the team. Every single one of the characters is played by a big name. Notably incredible is of course the young lady who plays Bea. She plays Bea as a curious, loving, funny and kind character with ease. The moment she does a dance number with a lot of the Ifs, is one of the highlights!

Her father is played by John Krasinski and he also voices the sweet little Marshmallow IF. Some of the IFs are so lovable that you want them to be your Imaginary Friends. Lewis the bear is played by the late, great Louis Gossett Jr, Blossom is the incredibly talented and hilarious Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the insanely funny Cosmo is voiced by Christopher Melosi, and of course, the brilliant Blake Lively and Emily Blunt have parts too. But the scene-stealing Steve Carrell as Blue, the giant, purple creature is the best, kindest, and sweetest If is arguable the best one! But keep an eye out for a newcomer called Brad Pitt, who is credited as the voice talent of Keith the invisible IF. He will definitely go far.

There is no way to not mention Ryan Reynolds, who turns everything he touches into gold (except for Green Lantern). Not only is he the funny and brilliant as Cal, but Ryan Reynolds should only ever wear a waistcoat or suspenders with his shirt because it is a look that really works for him. His final scenes in this movie are so beautifully shot and heartwarming.

While this is a movie that anyone will enjoy, smaller children might not be as moved or interested in a lot of the scenes. But everyone can laugh along. But remember to bring the tissues, because the first ten minutes are sad in the same way that a lot of movies are- without spoiling it, it seems that most movies involving kids, the parents aren't safe. And if you think you needed tissues for the first ten minutes, then you're going to need a whole box of tissues for the last 20! While we were watching it, there wasn't a dry eye in the house and in the quiet moments, the sniffles were audible.

Check out this movie while you can in the cinemas, or wait until it is on a streaming service. It's definitely worth seeing, and you will find it is an instant classic. It's a loving, kind, and beautiful story. Take a friend, or take your very own Imaginary Friend with you, to share the story together!

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