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Iconic Stylists Hair Salon


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For anyone looking for a salon that offers expert service, a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and a style that leaves you looking and feeling refreshed and renewed, then Iconic Stylists will be your new favourite place. Located in King Street Wharf just a walk away from some of the city's hottest bars, it's also a great place to go when you need to look great for an after-work function or a hot date. Iconic Stylists proudly claim, "we see things differently", and once you've had an appointment with them, you will too!

The Salon
Iconic Stylists is owned and run by Stacy Power , a hairdresser and colourist who has worked in the industry for over 12 years, working in some of the city's most prestigious salons. Earlier this year, Stacy left her job and in September, opened up her own salon … and Iconic Stylists as born.

Shelley Street and the surrounding areas can be a shemozzle of energy, but once you step into the salon, Iconic Stylists feels calm and inviting, which is ideal for any city office worker using their appointment to pamper themselves and seek a reprieve from their busy working schedule.

It was truly a passion project for Stacy and her partner, as she designed the interior while her partner built out and made her designs a reality.

There are vintage touches throughout the salon, because Stacy really wanted to give the place her own feel. You can see her style come through in the halogen lights, the delicate vintage teacups and vintage magazines for visitors to browse. And while it's all very well to add vintage dashes here and there as part of an interior design vibe, Stacy also provides clients with iPads so they can skim through magazines and enjoy a relaxing read while getting their hair done.

Beverages served include a mix of T2 herbal teas, in keeping with Stacy's love of organic products, and even serves boutique craft beer if you're having your hair done on the way out for a night on the town!

The most eye-catching element of the salon has to be the graffiti mural designed by a local Sydney artist. Stacy commissioned him to create a mural that represented Sydney as well as the Iconic Stylists logo. The mural features a hand (to represent the artistic and "hands-on" approach stylists use to work with their clients), a colour wheel, an eye (to represent the "iconic" nature of the salon) and in the background, Sydney Harbour and Pyrmont to honour the city.

When asked about her new salon's premises, Stacy said that she loved the area. She is often at the salon 7 days a week to ensure all her clients' needs are met and her staff are properly supported, and says that being close to the water in Pyrmont means that on her breaks, she really feels like she's taking a breather from the busy salon environment.
The Owner
It's very clear that Stacy loves what she does. She greets every client who walks into the door like a old friend popping in for a cup of tea, and it's also clear that her clients not only love the service Stacy and her team provide, but also that they're able to support a locally owned business. In fact, despite the fact that Iconic Stylists has only been open for a short period of time, it looks as though her clients are regulars already. They chat to Stacy like they're telling her stories about their day-to-day activities, and Erin, the other stylist there on the day of my visit, gave a quick hair treatment to another client's daughter (she was hard to ignore, she was dressed like a fairy princess and her parents beamed once her hair had been "done").

Stacy has worked in the industry for many years, working in city salons and servicing clients with busy lives and requiring top-quality hair styling. She is also a Wella Master Colourist (there are only 15 in Australia), and has worked with people from The Voice, Australia's Next Top Model, Celebrity Apprentice, Home and Away and Fashion Week.
The Treatments
Iconic Stylists offer free organic hair treatments with any cut or colour service, and are one of the many things that set them apart from other salons in the city, particularly any in that area of Sydney. The treatments are made from natural ingredients and Stacy is proud of the fact that they are custom made on site by her and her team, blended every morning for clients during the day. She tells me that one of her staff joke about trying to eat the hair treatments because it's so organic. And if it's good enough to put into your stomach, it's good enough for your hair follicles! Some of the ingredients include orange, honey and even lemon. While this may sound like a list of ingredients you might use to bake a cake with, it's these treatments that will leave your hair looking and feeling better.

Iconic Stylists also offers cuts and styling for women and men, including keratin treatments for women, permanent tints for men and an Iconic Miracle Mask treatment for both men and women. They can even style your hair for various events. On my visit, the woman sitting next to me was getting her hair styled for a wedding she was attending later that evening.

They not only offer hair styling treatments, they also spray tanning services, with a specialized tanning room in the salon, perfect for the warmer weather coming up and the upcoming parties! Stacy is also working on bringing in more services for beauty treatments so that Iconic Stylists will be a one-stop shop for all beauty and styling needs.

The Experience
Many salons are impersonal, and are either too trendy to feel warm or too chaotic to feel relaxing, but I found that Iconic Stylists offered a good balance of style and colour, as well as friendly service, which means that from your first visit, you will feel right at home.

I tried out the famed organic hair treatments, ideal because a) my hair was a mess and b) I was going out that night (or rather, I made plans to go out that night, knowing I had a booking with Stacy that day). Stacy's warm and welcoming style of greeting clients meant I knew right away I would be in good hands. And for someone that only goes to hair salons purely as a treat, I really wanted to feel like this was my special extravagance.

I was led to the basin at the back of the salon, where Stacy washed my hair. Then, she massaged my scalp (probably one of the best things about getting your hair washed by a professional hair stylist, apart from the fact that you step out afterwards looking like a million bucks!) and coated it with a treatment called MacGyver to the Rescue. Rather than smelling like Richard Dean Anderson would had he dug his way out of a 40ft tunnel using only a spatula, my hair was infused with natural ingredients like banana, coconut oil and even yogurt!

I felt relaxed and smelled delicious, so after a while Stacy led me back to the main area of the salon to blow dry my hair. Here's where things got a little nerve-wracking for me. My hair has the texture of what I can only describe as very soft straw, and on hot days like that day I visited, it was particularly fugly. My hair sits somewhere between silky and curly, the worst kind of wavy hair. When stylists say they will "blow dry my hair", I'm usually left looking like a newsreader from the 90s or that chick that crawls out of the TV in The Ring. But Stacy left me looking like a normal-looking person, thank goodness! She blow-dried my hair so that it wasn't too straight, and still left some movement in it that was more my hair's natural way of moving. I also didn't look like a 90s newsreader. To top it off, she gave me tips and offered advice on how I can maintain and care for hair of my texture.

The Verdict
After the blow dry, my hair definitely felt lighter and more vibrant, and it smelled DIVINE. There's not much that Iconic Stylists can't do, and as it's fairly new to the area, it will only grow in clientele and reputation, particularly with Stacy's already glowing reputation. It's a must-visit place when you need a unique place to escape your busy desk to pamper yourself or even to get your regular hair treatments done. Ideal for the busy festival and party season ahead, just in time for Melbourne Cup!

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