Ice Scream: The ReMix - Film Review

Ice Scream: The ReMix - Film Review


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Ice Scream: The ReMix, (Which is also known as Hot Blood Sundae) is an exceedingly campy horror-comedy movie, directed by John Darbonne, who also co-wrote the script with Derek Zemrak. It is about a perverted ice cream shop owner, named Ricky, who decides he can help promote his failing ice cream parlour, by turning it into an "adult play land" called "Scoopettes".

Ricky becomes the Hue Hefner of the ice cream racket, as his very own Scoopettes dish out gobs of Virgin Vanilla, Busty Butter Crunch, Orgasmic Orange and even Peppermint Panties, while dressed in skimpy costumes, bikinis, and sometimes a lot less than that!

Meanwhile, some of the girls from the shop are being picked off one by one and some of their various body parts are ending up in the freezer and the ice cream itself!

The plot of this ridiculously fun film, comes across as if it came directly from the somewhat perverted imagination of a straight teenage boy. It has hot girls, some in skimpy outfits and some topless, serving sexy sounding ice cream, dancing in the nude with whipped cream and having somewhat lesbianesque moments in the changing rooms, with horny guys going to the store for multiple servings. And on top of all that, a crazy murderer on the loose, in a strange costume, with some of the dumbest police in history chasing after him, along with such bad acting, that you will be wondering if you are really watching a horror-comedy or a soft core porno, because you just keep on expecting the characters to start "getting it on" at any moment.

This film is one of the most absurd American horror-comedies to come out of 2008, with its wacky characters, B-grade gore and mystery murderer, who will keep you guessing his or her identity, until the very last moment and with a bonus, look at all the hot girls from the film dancing around in next to nothing to some rather catchy music during the credits; Ice Scream: The ReMix, is not to be missed!

Ice Scream: The ReMix is not rated, but has a recommended rating of MA 15, as it contains mild nudity and gore


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