I Am Bali 3D & Upside Down Museum

I Am Bali 3D & Upside Down Museum


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Renon's a location to the west of Sanur about a 10/15 minute drive. I have touched on Renon in this article so do take a look at the free options it offers. Together with these points, the other reason my toddler and I love Renon is for the .

You'll find it underneath the big monument in the centre of Renon. Normally, I have to park around the outskirts along Jalan Ir. H Juanda and pay 2000 IDR for a moped or 5000 IDR for a car. We'll then slowly walk across the grassy area to the monument. Or, of course, you can get dropped off by some form of taxi service directly outside.

Facing the monument with the main road behind you you'll find the entrance on the right. From my memory the whole place is on one level or has ramps where needed. With that said I can't confirm if they have accessible bathrooms so wouldn't want to say it is wheelchair friendly but it is better than most places we have visited.

When you enter, you'll find the ticket booth on the right, and ATM on the left and directly in front of you a water feature with a small café just behind it. The café offers burgers, chips and some classic Indonesian food. I'm even happy to say they offered veggie burgers for around 25,000 IDR. The prices are as below. Small side note: you need to take your shoes off and wear socks. Bring your own or pay 8000 IDR at the ticket office for some.

So, what is it?

It's basically a large gallery of pictures that you can stand near or in front of and from certain angles look like you are part of the picture. There are some optical illusion rooms and rooms where everything's on the ceiling making it look like you are upside down. It's a paradise for people who love Instagram but for my toddler it's just a wide open space where they can look at different funny pictures. There are sharks and angels, boxes to climb in, some pictures have clothing you can wear and much much more. It took us about 2 hours but I think if you had a bite to eat and then enjoyed Renon park you really could make a nice day out of it. As you leave you walk through a small souvenir shop.

But is it worth it?
For this, I'll need to give you a little back story. We enjoyed this trip as part of my toddler's playgroup. Her ticket was covered and I had to pay for mine. After the event I was thinking to myself what a great value morning, how much fun we had had and I couldn't wait to tell everyone. With this in mind, I asked at the ticket counter for more details. Turns out my ticket, due to it being an organised trip, was heavily discounted. Honestly, I was shocked at the real cost of the ticket, even with a discount for Kitas/Kitap holders or locals. Knowing what I know now, I don't think I would be able to say it was good value to pay nearly 200,000 IDR for the two of us. And of course, some of you will have larger families, like two adults and two children. On a whole it was a very enjoyable morning; the venue is fun and well presented. If you are happy with the price, I think you'll have a great day. And I called it a rainy day activity as the whole place is under cover.

When you visit let me know what you think or have you been to other places like this?

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