Hyde Park Tavern

Hyde Park Tavern


Posted 2012-05-21 by Kathleenfollow
The offers a lot as a venue. It's got a nice little front bar area, a (small) beer garden for those sunny days where you just want to sit outside and sip a cider, and a nice little restaurant area. The restaurant serves a good mix of meals ranging from King George Whiting through to big lumps of meat and I've enjoyed my dining experience quite a few times there. But what keeps me coming back again and again is the chicken burger on their bar and lunch menu. At just $15 it's well-priced, and they have a new deal for a burger and cider for just $17.90 (you could even try Bulmers new Blackcurrant flavour). The burger is an in-between kind of offering. The restaurant has a higher level of cuisine on offer but sometimes I'm not in the mood for that. And the burger is better than just typical pub fare.

The staff-members are really friendly and the service is prompt. There are plenty of TVs for you to catch all the latest sport action. The vibe is a relaxed one, it isn't trying too hard to be something that it isn't, but it's still kind of classy. It strikes a good balance and is a lot nicer than a lot of pubs around.

The burger is served on soft bread with melted cheese and mayo, rocket, tomato, bacon and seasoned chicken tenderloins. Yummo. If I'm feeling really hungry I still struggle to polish one off and on the most recent venture there I actually shared one and was still left feeling entirely satisfied. The chips are always good but on my last visit they were crunchier than I like, don't get me wrong, I love a good crunchy chip but these were too crunchy, and had very little soft potato on the inside. There were also slightly less on the plate than usual, almost like we were given those remaining from the most recent batch and they couldn't be bothered to cook more. As I said though, usually they are divine, and lucky for my dining partner he likes them crunchy so he got more than he would have otherwise.

The also offers a well stocked bar and numerous specials. They show the footy and on Friday nights have pints of Carlton Draught on special for $5.50. There's live entertainment on Thursdays from 9. Mondays and Tuesdays offer chicken of beef schnitzels and a pint of Carlton Draught for $18.90.

If you're looking for a nice pub or a more formal dining experience, why not give the a go?

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