Hyde Park Bakery

Hyde Park Bakery


Posted 2012-07-29 by Dave Walshfollow
The Unley Council area must surely have an obesity problem by now as it's serviced by more bakeries, cafes and restaurants than almost any other suburb.

Despite (or maybe because of) this, the is one of the newest additions to the area. After hearing mention of their unusual Chicken Parmy Pie I started obsessing about this culinary delight until I could stand it no longer.

The new bakery is situated on Mitchell St at the end of the shopping precinct which is rather a bonus as parking is a lot easier there. I had been dreading the inevitable squabble with a large Gucci clad person for the last park on the street (which I would not win), but secured one easily only metres from the door.

On entering I was a little surprised to find it has a decent sized area for eating in, not all that common in the bakeries I usually visit. Often it's standing room only as you manoeuvre around piles of goodies and other customers.

On scanning the menu board I couldn't see mention of my prized pie, but the helpful assistant waiting to take my order quickly showed me one in the display case. I'm not sure what's going on here, because there seems to be a lot more varieties available than are listed on the lengthy blackboard.

I spotted a Madras curry pie, chunky steak & pepper, and chunky steak & tomato amongst others in the display cabinet that didn't seem to be on the board.

While the assistant packed my lunch in a bag, I feasted my eyes on a mouth watering selection of cakes which seemed very well priced.

There was also an awesome range of gourmet rolls and foccacias on display that looked solid enough to satisfy most demanding tradies. That's assuming that tradies are permitted to be seen in the genteel environs of King William Rd.

Although I was trying to be somewhat casual about my photography, it clearly got alarm bells going as the baker appeared and asked whether I had a bakery too. After reassuring him that I wasn't in competition he seemed mollified and went back to his ovens.

On leaving the shop I headed off carefully to a local park to taste test my prize. The very first bite confirmed that the description was indeed true, it has a remarkable resemblance to the taste of a chicken parmagiana, right down to a spiciness in the tomato sauce. And it tasted quite delicious.

I was convinced. It is quite a remarkable achievement I think, and well worth spreading the news to the crowds of foodies who scour Weekend Notes for the latest gourmet experience.

I think I will be back again to see what other pub meals our erstwhile baker can pack into a pastry case. You can find him on Facebook here .

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