The Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe

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Posted 2013-09-08 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Over the last few years, dessert bars have taken Adelaide by storm--offering a late night alternative to pubs and clubs for people who want to socialise without the booze. is a late night haunt with a different focus; from Articulate to Yahtzee--apparently not many board games start with a Z--there's a huge range of games to choose from.

[ADVERT]During the day the cafe operates as Soul Food Espresso, but after dark the decor is changed and the games are wheeled out. There are more than 150 games to choose from and the games menu will help you pick the perfect game based on the number or players or time it takes to complete a game. To play you just need to play $5 per person. You're not restricted to one board game for the night, just swap it one for another once you're finished playing.

Warm up your gaming muscles with a quick game of Jenga before you start World War III with a game of Monopoly.

There's a small selection of light meals available, as well as sides like chips and wedges. There are veggie burgers, nachos, dips, and soup; a plus for vegetarians, all of the food is meat-free. Forget any pre-conceptions you might have of people huddled over board games in dark basements eating handfuls of chips and greasy food. The food is fresh and even reasonably healthy.

For $20 you can get the Hippo Meal. It comes with a light meal, dessert, and your choice of coffee, tea, soda or ice tea. The desserts include the Kings Cake--a checkerboard chocolate and vanilla cake--as well as a few other daily dessert specials.


Drinks include organic sodas, coffee from the Coffee Barun and ice teas. The ultimate drink would have to be the milkshakes. Choose from regular milkshakes like chocolate, strawberry or caramel; or try the slightly fancier choc peanut butter, ice espresso, or the not Nutella. They're rich and creamy, and very delicious.

The Hungry Hippo is about a 30 minute drive north of the city. The only downside to the cafe is that getting there can be quite a trek for anyone who lives south of the CBD. It's a short drive from Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre.

is open from 7pm till 11pm on Thursdays, and from 7pm till late on Fridays and Saturdays. You can book a table in advance--which is recommended for larger groups--or you can just turn up and grab a table. There's a lit of available games on their website, you can also like their Facebook page for more updates.

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