Hughes Park

Hughes Park


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Passing on the Maroondah Highway, heading into Lilydale a quick glance to the left reveals an oval where you sometimes see a cricket or football match in progress. As expected it is home to a football and a cricket club.

There are two sides to .

Just inside the main entrance, a small plaque on a boulder commemorates the toll-gate operating 1868 – 1876 on this site at Brushy Creek Township. That is 140 years before Eastlink toll-road opened.

Nearby another plaque, set in a native garden shows a bas-relief profile of Barak, headman & last full-blood of the Wurundjeri Tribe. He was born in this vicinity in Brushy Creek. He died in 1903 aged 85.

A nearby shed proclaims to be the home of the Croydon Homing Pigeon Club. They will be active in their activities from mid-June 2019.

The Australian Chin Community's meeting hall sits in its own enclosure. The Chin people are mainly Christian and live in Burma near the border of India and Bangladesh.

Adjacent to the Chin Community's building are six tennis courts.
At the back of a large building houses the 1st Croydon Hill Scout Group. These are the Joey scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

There is a small group of playground equipment, a BBQ and a toilet.

The other side of is centred around the Brushy Creek Hall. It houses the Croydon North Cricket Club and the Croydon North Veterans Football Club. At the rear of the hall, there are three practice cricket areas which look very new and well maintained.

Activities that take regularly place within the hall are the Croydon and Brushy Creek T.O.W.N Club, Joulle Calisthenics Academy and Soccer Time Kids.

T.O.W.N. club stands for Take Off Weight Naturally, which is a low-cost non-profit organisation run by volunteers to encourage weight loss by healthy eating.

The Joulle Calisthenics Academy is a non-profit sporting club dedicated to the development of callisthenics.

Soccer Time Kids provides soccer defined physical play programmes for children from one to five years of age. They endeavour to provide the basic fundamentals of ball use.

The hall is also available for hire for private functions.

The Brushy Creek runs along the west side of and can be followed on both sides for some distance before it enters the Yarra River some six kms away.

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