Hudson's Circus in Cairns

Hudson's Circus in Cairns


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Thu 21 Jun 2018 - Sun 22 Jul 2018

How great is it when the whole family can enjoy an event together and spend 2 happy hours laughing, clapping and having fun? That's exactly what happens at every Hudson's Circus show and from June 21 the tell-tale yellow and red big top is going to be located in Cairns for five whole weeks. With kids ticket prices from just $15 you'll want to go more than just once while they are in town.

As one of Australia's largest travelling circuses the show lineup is jam packed. Stars of the show include the skilled globe of death motorbike riders, flying trapeze artists, the hilarious Goldie the Clown, and stunning blue and gold macaws. The whole circus team work hard to ensure that the show is top quality. As soon as the big top goes up in each town the flyers, jugglers and animal trainers are out practicing for the opening night so the circus show is spot on every time.

Hudson's Circus spent the majority of 2017 entertaining towns across South Australia and then made the epic journey across the Nullarbor to perform on the West coast. Now the travelling performers and their trusty crew are working their way around Queensland with a great show for circus fans and first timers.

Hudson's Circus is very much a family show with generations working and performing side by side. 6 year old Hudson, who, yes, the circus is named after, is a rising star in the globe of death. He's often whizzing around the showgrounds on his tiny dirt-bike and practising in the metal globe with the pro's as much as he can. His mum is a trapeze artist and can usually be found swinging across the big top hanging by one hand from a giant hoop.

Also in the show is Goldie the Clown whose daughter is a clown in training and whose wife has taken the role of ringmaster for the 2018 tour. The trapeze artists' son is often found behind the scenes lighting up the ring during show time. All the kids don their hi-vis and hard hats to help the crew and cast when it comes to pull up and pull down time. The show is also home to a number of international circus performers including Diego Bonaldo and Charles Diego Silva who can both pull off lycra surprisingly well.

Hudson's Circus animals are very much part of the circus family as well as stars of the show. They are spoilt and loved as much as a family pet and their care, happiness and health is of utmost importance to Belinda and Rob, the professional animal trainers. Many of them have been rescued and the animals are trained through reward and repetition. The animals only take to the stage for a few minutes in each show and the rest of the time you can head down to the showgrounds to see the animals chilling out in their shady, spacious and secure fields. There is more info about the great care the circus animals get on the #animals ">Hudson's website .

The cast and crew work extremely hard to make sure that they do justice to this traditional form of entertainment and ensure that each location they visit will be talking about the circus coming to town for weeks afterwards.

The circus will roll down the mountain from Mareeba on Monday 18th and it then takes about 20 hours of hard work to get the show set up in its new location. For the Cairns stint the circus family will be at the Cannon Park Racecourse on Mulgrave Road in Woree. Opening night in big cities is always extra special and for the Cairns run that is Thursday 21 Juneat 7.30pm. Be sure to get there early to stock up on popcorn and show bags though.

Head to the circus website to see times and dates and to book your front row seats.

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