How to Show BIG Love on Mother's Day When You are Only LITTLE

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Posted 2015-04-26 by Jenny Priorfollow
Mums pour love over their families in many ways. They kiss hurts better, drive kids to sport, are the loudest cheer squad, make amazing meals, listen to the day's events and stash special gifts away all year.

Mum has her own Love Language

Gary Chapman summaries these different types of love as physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time and receiving gifts. He calls them The 5 Love Languages . Do you know which of these Love Languages fills Mum's tank of love to the top? She needs this type of love to fuel her unending caring for her family just like your car needs the right type of fuel.

Mum probably gives away her love language by using it to show her affection. If you are not sure which it is, use a combination of ideas from the following categories and see which one receives the biggest, happiest emotional response. Here are some ways of showing Mum BIG love based on Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages.

Special Words

Make a card that Mum will want to keep and feel treasured each time she rereads it. Grab some coloured card and record the children's answers to 'What makes Mum special?' For example: 'Mum you are special because you...bake the best brownies', or '...take me bike riding'). The kids can draw illustrations or cut and paste photographs of happy family times. Old wrapping paper also provides good pictures for decorating.

Glorious Gifts

Dads, have you checked out day crafts&term_meta%5B%5D=mothers%7Cautocomplete%7C2&term_meta%5B%5D=day%7Cautocomplete%7C2&term_meta%5B%5D=crafts%7Cautocomplete%7C2 Pinterest ? It's not just a chick site. There are hundreds of pictures and how-to pages here to get you started on the most simple to the most elaborate craft projects.

Here are a few other ideas:
Paint a terracotta plant pot
Pick flowers and tie with a ribbon
Turn a glass or jar into a vase with paint
Create a tea light candle holder with glued tissue paper squares or torn hearts on an old glass or jar
Cut out a small cardboard frame and decorate with craft jewels. Add a photo of the kids and a fridge magnet to the back
Make clay jewellery. Hand painted, hand rolled beads threaded on elastic can become an individual bracelet. (Check out Mum's wardrobe and match paint colours to her choice of clothing colours). Use biscuit cutters to cut out hearts for pendants. These can have thumbprints incorporated for added personal memories. (Two thumbprints form a heart).
Make some munchies – caramel popcorn caramel popcorn (goes well with the movie afternoon), balls choccie balls , pastry twists cheese twists are all easy recipes with less than six ingredients

Physical Affection

Mums love:
A shoulder massage
Maybe even a new 'kids' special' hairdo with lots of gentle hair brushing as a scalp massage. Snap the kids styling Mum's hair for a good keepsake memory for the photo frame.

A Helpful Job

What makes Mum miserable? Dirty dishes? Toys on the floor? These things are easy to remove and are a quick way to show Mum you love her. This can be combined with the gift of 'Free Time' below.
Wash dishes
Tidy your room
Cook a meal. Set the table beautifully with flowers and special crockery and cutlery and pretty serviettes ( Upper Sturt General Store have an amazing array of decorative ware to make the table pretty and it doesn't need washing up.)
Walk the dog
Feed pets

Shared Time
Read books together
Ask Mum to show you some old photograph albums and tell you family stories of when she was little
Play a board game
Make a list of everyone's five favourite meals and put it on the fridge for dinner inspiration for the coming month.
Learn string games
Make kites
Bake cupcakes with decorative toppings
Watch a DVD

Free Time

This is a very scarce commodity for most Mums.

Give Mum a block of time to pursue her hobbies
Promise to do her jobs while she is having fun
Do not interrupt her painting/crafting/reading/knitting/sewing

Mum will love all the personal touches and definitely feel the BIG love on Mother's Day.

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