How to Get Cheap Cinema Tickets

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Posted 2012-02-11 by Priyankafollow
Watching movies at the cinema can sometimes be more expensive than you might plan to spend. Here are some tips and ways to make cinema experience not too heavy on the pocket.

Tip 1: Cheaper Tuesday movies. Movie tickets on Tuesdays are significantly cheaper - usually priced at $11. So if you want to add some pep to the start of your week and enjoy a cheaper movie on Tuesdays.

Tip 2: Movie of the week at Hoyts . Hoyts offers $11 tickets all week for the movie that has been named movie of the week. Keep an eye on the offers for the movies you might be able to purchase a cheaper ticket for. You will need to be a Hoyts rewards member to receive this offer.

Tip 3: Matinee movies. Movies marked as matinee movies have $10 tickets at participating Hoyts outlets for screenings before 5pm. Check out the website to see if the movie you want to watch is on the list.

Tip 4: Hoyts rewards member. Hoyts rewards program offers a free ticket on joining and you can gain points on your card for watching movies and purchasing food and drink at the Hoyts candy bar The offers are very lucrative, so it is worth a join. The points gained here can also be used to purchase food and drink.

Tip 5: Optus rewards. Optus customers can purchase $10 tickets through the Optus rewards program. This offer is available for Event cinema and Village cinemas. Extreme screen and 3D movie attract a small extra charge but it is still discounted. However, the tickets are not valid for shows after 5pm on Saturdays.

Tip 6: Movie vouchers through medical insurance. Many medical insurance providers like BUPA offer their customers cinema vouchers for purchase at cheaper rates. If you are a member, you might want to take advantage of this. Vouchers can be purchased in advance and are valid for 6-12 months. They can be redeemed at participating outlets.

Tip 7: If you love to watch 3D movies, keep your 3D glasses safe after your first purchase. It will save you $1 each time you watch a 3D movie.

With so many different ways to get cheaper tickets, which movie are you watching this week?

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