How to do a Sunset

How to do a Sunset


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We have all seen it at one point or another. If you haven't, then you are missing out on one of the most amazing things in life. It happens everyday, so you get another chance to see it tomorrow if you missed it today.

We are fortunate to live on a unique planet, a place that no matter where you are, you can bear witness to the easing of the day's light when it merges and creates the makings of a billion pictures with the night's finale of the stars and the moon.

Now this is not just about the end of the day. It's about the spectacular way the sky lights up, turns colors from pink, violet, orange, yellow, to all manner of shades in between, all set amidst the fading blue of the day.

You can make the most of sunset and do it with a real splash. Find your way to a hilltop that overlooks a clear lake, where the water glows and the sun fades away behind a green pallet of trees. You can take crackers, cheese, olives, and a lovely bottle of wine. Arrive an hour before, get yourself set up, be it at a table, lawn chairs or spread out on a blanket where the viewing will be divine.

Perhaps you prefer your sunset over a larger body of water where if you are fortunate enough you can see that great golden orb sink ever slowly, into the water, like silk sliding off your skin.

Perhaps your choice would be sitting on a verandah in your own home, facing the show, waiting for the end of the day.

If you are the photographic type, maybe you like to be ready, with your Canon EOS 70D 35mm perched atop a tripod for the best possible picture that you can capture. It would definitely be a trophy worth mounting on the wall of your den, office, or bedroom.

Really, you can watch from almost anywhere that you can look to the west. Where is your favorite place?

Is it over water? Perhaps you like the glow that is cast over the tips of the mountains, the colors the leaves in the trees turn or the pink glow of the sand as the sun kisses them goodnight.

You could do sunset every single day, in a different way, in a different place, or you could choose to sit in the same spot everyday and marvel at how different each day's sunset can be.

Take in every moment, relish in one of our most amazing gifts that we share around the world. Where ever you choose to watch it, make sure you take the moment and enjoy the beauty that has been the topic of songs, paintings, photographs and one of Mother Nature's most spectacular blessings.

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