How to do Soap Painting

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Posted 2017-09-06 by Lesley Mitchellfollow
We love to take things that we use as general household items and make them quirky, unique, individual and just somewhat prettier to use.

In the olden days, my grandmother used to do soap painting as an art form. She would buy a cake of soap and painstakingly spend hours painting it, just so we could take a bath with a pretty soap.

There's something rather lovely about soap painting, but these days this far more skin safe ways to do it. You can still get a commercially bought bar of soap and paint on it if you wish to. Some people do this using acrylic paints, although they are not entirely skin-safe. A better way to do it is to use body safe soap paints. Whilst they won't give a complete coverage on your soap like the acrylic paints do, they are skin safe and therefore perfectly suitable and safe.

In order to do soap painting (and it is a fun activity for the kids to do on a cold day or over the school holidays or even as a party idea) you can buy a commercial soap and buy some soap paints. Provide each child with a little paintbrush and let them paint beautiful designs on their soap. Put it to one side and allow it to dry and then once dry, your soap is ready to use. Another way is to use melt and pour soap and this is one of the areas that I have used a lot. It really is as simple as it sounds.

You simply buy a 1-kilo block of melt and pour soap base, cut off the desired quantity and melt it down, adding (pigment) colours and fragrances if desired and pour it into a mould. Any mould will do, but the silicone ones are the easiest to use and some have very intricate beautiful designs perfect for soap painting.

Once your soap is set, it is ready to paint - you can take your soap paints and add details on to the surface to make fine details and pretty patterns on your soaps. A fun and pretty idea to start a new hobby or entertain the kids - perhaps even build a new business out of it!

Did your grandmother, used to do soap painting? Would you like to have a try to see how pretty you can make your soaps?

We would love to hear your comments or stories, please use the comments box at the top of this article to share with us.

Happy painting!

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