'How Not to Behave' - Join the Live Studio Audience

'How Not to Behave' - Join the Live Studio Audience


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Wed 03 Jun 2015 - Fri 31 Jul 2015

'How Not to Behave' is a brand new comedy entertainment series hosted by Gretel Killeen and Matt Okine.Each episode of the 15 part series will explore the unwritten rules of modern life, providing a handy 'how-to' guide for all of us.Have you ever wondered:In which parts of a change room is it okay to walk around naked?What's the tooth fairy's going rate?Is it ever okay to pick up at a funeral?Should you discipline other people's kids, dump a partner by text, or have the in-laws on Skype while your partner is giving birth?…. Well, fear not, Gretel and Matt will be on hand to offer solutions to our social shortcomings once and for all! "I've spent most of my life perfecting the art of not knowing how to behave… Comedians are generally the most socially awkward people on the planet, so you can be sure this show's in expert hands" says Matt. Gretel said "Unlike Matt, I'm taking this hosting role very seriously. I think manners make the world go round and I'm determined to change the world to suit me." Jon Casimir, Head of ABC Entertainment describes 'How Not To Behave' as a cross between "Seinfeld meets Attenborough". "It's part comedy, part social anthropology… We're really excited to have the formidably funny pairing of Gretel Killeen and Matt Okine as our tour guides, cutting a path through the jungle of etiquette."If you would like to join the live studio audience, simply head to EventBrite and select your desired sessions.Tickets are currently available for:Friday 12th June: 5.30pm to 9.30pmFriday 19th June: 5.30pm to 9.30pmFriday 26th June: 5.30pm to 9.30pmFriday 3rd July: 5.30pm to 9.30pmAudience members must be aged 16 years and over. Come along and enjoy an evening of great comedy, sparkling conversation and social experiments - as well as some free drinks and snacks!ABC Studios are located at 700 Harris St, Ultimo.To book your FREE tickets - please click here .

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