Six Ways to Turn OFF the Mental Chatter

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Posted 2016-09-20 by Kate Blakefollow
Here are some cheap easy clues to help slow your busy monkey mind. Living at a fast pace in an urban setting brings unique challenges and a few of these practiced regularly can genuinely improve your health. You are probably already doing some but try some others and see what works best for you?

Distraction – helps me a lot and sudoko is my favourite but others use crosswords, handicrafts, music or movies. Do whatever works for you within legal limits.

Walk – exercise and fresh air helps blow those cobwebs away so try any of the amazing beaches. Cronulla to Wanda is my favourite but then I also have a strong connection to the Shire. Or take a drive or relax on a train to the Blue Mountains, Jervis Bay or the Central Coast to enjoy a coastal or bush walk.

Relax – you already know what works for you, often done at home with music, a long hot tub, some gardening, a good sleep in or hug a pet or a close friend. Or venture out and take a long ferry ride or enjoy a picnic in the park, just be and remember the $2.50 Opal card travel each Sunday .

Make Time for You – block out a full day or weekend on your calendar and get really organised to escape to a peaceful place; do something from your bucket list or met a friend for a coffee and a chat. But be sure to turn off those devices as that is the best break.

Meditate – turn off all devices first, make a comfortable seat and try to visualise the place where you feel most comfortable. Then do a progressive muscle relaxant or simply watch your breathe. At first the 'garbage' mind will arise but regular persistent effort will pay off and the calm does come.

Attitude - do you see things as pressures or precious, as chores or challenges? Checking our attitude can help heaps and practice being grateful for every little thing.

We are responsible for our own mental and emotional well being and using some of these methods can help to moderate your frantic pace or at least enjoy some space.

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