The Hottest Movies of 2013

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Posted 2013-03-10 by Jemma Goodchildfollow
There are some big movies coming out in 2013, so grab some paper and a pen and start jotting! As well as films the whole family can go and see, there are some exciting new kid's animations hitting the big screens and a few the adults will enjoy all to themselves. So strap yourselves in. 2013 is going to be a huge year for sequel's, prequels and remakes!

Iron Man 3 hits screens on the 24th April. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce and Gwyneth Paltrow this blockbuster directed by Shane Black sees Tony Stark come up against a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin.

For those of you who fell in love with the Hangover, Hangover 3 is coming out on the 23rd of May. All the old favourites are back - Bradley Cooper as Phil, Zach Galifianakis as Alan and Ed Helms as Stu, but with no wedding or bachelor party how could things go wrong? The trio hit the road for more mad cap hi-jinx in this third installation of the Hangover.

Monsters University is the first prequel to a Pixar film and looks at the relationship between Mike and Sulley before they became best friends. This animated delight takes place at the University of Fear where Mike and Sulley first met. Featuring the voice talent of Billy Crystal, John Goodmen and Steve Buscemi Monsters University is sure to be hit - pencil in June the 20th on your calendar because that's when it comes out!

On the 4th of July the Lone Ranger an Adventure Western starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as John Reid/Lone Ranger is released. Playing the spirit warrior Tonto, Depp tells how John Reed was transformed into the legend of justice, the Lone Ranger.

If you are looking for action, The Wolverine hits the screens on the 25th of July. Reprising his role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman faces his ultimate nemesis and tests his metal on a life altering journey to Japan. Directed by James Mangold, this is a must see for lovers of this franchise.

Last but certainly not least, The Smurfs 2 will appear on the 12th of September with Katy Perry voicing Smurfette and Neil Patrick Harris providing his dulcet tones to the character of Patrick Winslow. In this Smurfs movie, the Smurfs and their human friends work to rescue Smurfette who has been captured by Garagmel. Smurfette has a secret spell which Gargamel is after…

Get your popcorn ready and the maltesers out for this great 2013 lineup. They are not to be missed!

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