Hotel Sevilla Centre

Hotel Sevilla Centre


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is a 4-star hotel located on the road Av de la Buhaira in Seville, Spain. My 4 night stay here was very enjoyable. The hotel website has information on prices.

The reception and lobby area is quite spacious with plenty of seats, this is really handy if you want to have a quick rest before going up to your room. Also the complementary wireless* signal strength is the best in the lobby. The décor consists of pink flowers against shiny tiles.

The reception staff are all very friendly and helpful. However, on a few occasions there was a queue and only one member of staff was available to assist guests. This seemed to be a flurry of guests coming to check-in most likely due to a flight arrival. The main airport in Seville is only 20 minutes away from the hotel. The cab fare from the airport to the hotel for four people cost €40 and on the way back it was €25. I am not entirely certain what the reason for this discrepancy was but it is definitely best to ask the driver for a rough estimate for the fare before setting off.

Main attractions of Seville are quite near to the hotel. Walking would take roughly 25 minutes to the local shops, Seville Cathedral and Jardines Reales Alcazares to name a few. It may also be a good idea to look into the local tram services.

The hotel has over 13 floors so it is quite a tall building and stands out nicely in the evening.

The room itself was spacious and clean with standard but nice décor. Rooms include a mini bar and TV and there is air conditioning.* My room was located on the 11th floor with a view of the city and it was reasonably pleasant.

The bathroom was well lit and had a bathtub/shower, two wash basins** and some complementary toiletries.

The Al Zagal restaurant is on the 13th floor, the panoramic view of the city draws many guests to dine there. It is best to check at reception for the opening times and booking procedure as it varies from season to season. My trip here was taken in August and the reception staff very helpfully explained that it is far too hot during the day to open the restaurant. I was however able to go up and take some pictures.

The hotel offers a continental buffet style breakfast* this was on the first floor. The staff greet you in the morning and offer really good and efficient customer service. The selection of pastries was nice and each item of food on offer was marked with helpful labels. The hotel also has a bar opposite the reception area, this serves drinks and snack style food. On one night I ordered a salad filled crepe with chips and a peach juice to drink.

The roof top terrace pool and bar are located on the 3rd floor. During the summer grilled barbeque style food is available from the bar. The only downside is the lack of vegetarian options other than salad varieties. It is best to check the pool times at reception as it is closed in the evening for cleaning. The sun lounges are still available for use even after the pool has closed. Getting some fresh air and a drink from the bar is a perfect way to finish off the evening.

The hotel is adjacent to Jardines de la Buhaira, a collection of beautiful gardens with olive trees, date palm trees and of course the famous Seville orange trees. I would describe this as a mini field trip for those who love plants and flowers and generally a nice place to take a walk in the evenings. There is also a bar located in the centre of the park.

  • facilities/additional services to be confirmed/clarified at the time of booking or queried with reception
  • **this varies from room to room

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