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Posted 2015-06-26 by Kristin Ravellefollow
We love to travel to Cancun, Mexico as there are often very good flight and hotel package deals out of Toronto. This article is about a trip we took to the Hotel Bellevue Beach Paradise. This was an all-inclusive trip, including bus transfer from the airport in Cancun.

Undoubtedly Cancun Mexico has some of the best beaches to be found in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, so tourist traffic to this gorgeous destination continues to increase year over year. There are occasional downturns when a hurricane hits and the area spends time recovering, but it always does.

The Zona Hotelera is a 20 km long sand bracket that juts out to sea, with a lagoon between the zone and mainland. The Zone is now covered with hotels, activities for tourists, shopping malls, and even a few leftover archeological sites that haven't been bulldozed over. The link below will take you to a map of the Zone. It shows you all the hotels to be found along the strip. The Zone is generally identified by what kilometre you're at of its 20 km length.

Zona Hotelera Map Cancun

is found pretty much near the end, at about km 19. This means you're one of the first to be let off the bus when you come in from the Cancun airport (about a 25 minute drive). While this is great, depending what time you actually arrive, you may have a bit of a wait for your room if it's a check-out shift change (ie. around 11:00 am to 1:00 pm).

The hotel does offer wireless internet, and sometimes it's free depending on whether they have a promotion going. So, if you're out in the lobby bar waiting or just hanging around, you can log in. Other amenities include 3 restaurants, 3 bars, buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner, an a-la-carte dining room, alcoholic drinks until midnight, activities day/evening, intro scuba lesson in the pool, kid's club, nightly entertainment, a weight room (don't know if this is still functioning), and massage on the beach.

Out beach side, you will find a swimming pool at deck level. Attached to this is a large covered beach hut with a burger shack for snacks at lunch (behind me when I took this photo).

The BelleVue does have some sun chairs along the beach but they don't usually have enough. You might have to ask staff to bring more out. Watch the caution flags for where it's safe enough to swim. Sometimes the water is glass calm and it's divine to swim in the turquoise waters!

You can also take a long beach walk. If you head southwards, you will end up at the Club Med beach which is located in a lovely sheltered curve of land and the water is always calm. All beaches in Cancun are available for everyone so you can swim here too to your heart's content.

The buffet meals at BelleVue were surprisingly good. They had a very good array of fresh vegetables! We were always pleased with the healthy selection. Every night of the week is a different theme night for buffet meals; i.e. Italian night, Seafood night, etc. You can also dine at the a-la-carte restaurant once for every week you are there. It's very good as well and gives a nice change of meal and scenery.

If you want to check out the Zone strip, just outside the hotel is a bus stop where you can catch one of the constant buses running into town. These are very inexpensive, about .80 cents now I think, but be warned that they can be quite jarring ! As well, Mexicans allow guitarists and singers onto the local buses so you may be serenaded along the way. There are several shopping malls along the strip, other beaches you can visit, and the famous Rainforest Cafe.

You can also venture into Cancun town proper where there are many shops, restaurants, a flea market, cambios (money exchanges), local supermarkets, and street food!

The one thing that didn't impress me too much were the beds and sofas in the rooms. They were not great quality, and the air conditioner wasn't brilliant. However, we lucked out with an ocean side room and the walls are floor to ceiling glass, so the view is stupendous! Be warned that the gift package on the table when you enter is FOR SALE, and not a Gift !

Ultimately, going to Cancun for me is mostly about getting a great flight/hotel deal as I go for the beach and the local ambience (vs. the hotel per se). But I would certainly stay at the BelleVue again should I get a good deal. We paid approximately $900 Cdn each for two whole weeks, all-inclusive (we're usually able to travel very last minute!).

Mexico is a great country to visit, and Cancun especially is overall quite safe largely because of the tourist dollars that pour in annually. I've been to Mexico (even Mexico City) many times and never had problems anywhere. I do follow some basic safety precautions such as keeping my tote bag zippered shut wherever I am, and not flashing anything other than some modest silver, which every Mexican now enjoys.

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