Alternatives to Hot Cross Buns

Alternatives to Hot Cross Buns


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Once hot cross buns were highly anticipated Easter treats. Now they hit the supermarket shelves in January and have lost their allure.

So if you want to try new treats to celebrate Easter, when entertaining friends and family, here are a few new options and where to find them.


Zimt is a very special Austrian bakery in Surrey Hills. It is a wonderland to walk into with sensational displays of stunningly decorated baked goods. Last Easter we had one of their high teas and it was thoroughly memorable.

They make a range of special Easter treats but one guaranteed to to wean you off hot cross buns are their hot cross bun macarons, both traditional and chocolate. Melt in your mouth moments.

They also make an unusual hot bread loaf which looks great on your Easter dinner table.

Add all their glorious Easter themed biscuits and cakes and this is a great shopping stop for your Easter treats.

171 Union Road Surrey Hills Cnr Montrose St
03 9890 2382

**Hot cross doughnuts

Tivoli Road Bakery do a new one and that is hot cross doughnuts. They are availabe from the South Yarra bakery on weekends leading up to the holiday. These have spices and orange-soaked currants, raisins and sultanas which are then added to the pastry cream filling. The dough includes ingredients such as lemon oil and zest. Once cooked they are rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Tivoli Road Bakery , 3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra, 03 9041 4345.

La Madre Bakery is an award-winning artisan bakery in Geelong which makes lots of sourdough, traditional breads and sweet treats for Easter. One of their specialities is their freshly baked Easter egg shaped ginger cookies which are shown below.

18 Milton St. Bell Park Geelong. Ph (03) 5272 1727.

Hot cross bun ice-cream

Add dried fruit and perhaps a bit of rum to some ice-cream. Scoop it out into a ball shape then draw a cross on it with chocolate topping or white icing. (see top picture)

There are so many thing you can do for Easter that don't rely on a boring old stale six pack of hot cross buns from the supermarket.

What great treats have you found for Easter?

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