Hooters Restaurant, Parramatta

Hooters Restaurant, Parramatta


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Weather you have cravings for chicken wings, cheap beer, light entertainment or stunning girls, Hooters Parramatta will satisfy any hunger.

The lively sports-themed bar and casual dining restaurant provides a great atmosphere for a fun night out with friends. Hooters is famous for providing buffalo chicken wings, burgers, steaks, tangy BBQ ribs, and ice-cold beer.

One of the gorgeous Hooters girls will greet you at the door when you arrive and seat you in one of many stake-house-style seats. Situate yourself on the tall wooden stools in the center of the restaurant or along the walls and windows in a comfortable cushion booth. Either way you will be able to enjoy sports action and Hooters ads while you dine, from the small television screen available at each table.

Once you have ordered your drinks, you can decide on your meal from the massive Hooters menu. Take a pick of anything from garden salads, to steaks and burgers, chicken wings and BBQ ribs. If you are in the mood for some basic Mexican food, then choose from a various range of nachos, enchiladas or quesadillas.

Sit back, relax and allow the worlds famous Hooter girls to cater to all your dining needs. Enjoy chart-topping songs playing in the background while you dig into your meal and watch non-stop sports action on one of many television screens that surround the restaurant and bar.

Book your Birthday at Hooters and have the Hooters girls sing the birthday song as they bring out your cake. Then, why not have a birthday dance off with the Hooters girls to some classics such as the Macarena and the YMCA?

Hooters offer multiple specials including Mums-eat-free on Monday nights and kids-eat-free on Tuesdays. For all you hard working mums out there, take your kids to Hooters for dinner on Monday nights and get your meal free. Otherwise pop in with the family all day Tuesday and get the kids to eat for free.

Hooters also have a take-away menu for all those who wish to have a night in. Log on to the Hooters website for all relevant information about bookings and menus.

You may also purchase Hooters merchandise when you visit the restaurant and bar. Buy a Hooters T-shirt or coffee mug for friends and family, and share the Hooters experience with others.

Dine at Hooters and enjoy an all American stake house experience with good food, cheap beer and the world famous Hooters girls.

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