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Posted 2021-03-12 by Dee Mbuguafollow
You know how it goes with us foodies - we see nice pictures on the gram and we add to the list - the ever-growing list of places we swear we must visit one day.

Honey & Dough was one of those places for me. I had harassed a friend of mine to go there in the first quarter of 2020, but we all know how quickly things turned globally around this time last year. So I shelved my dreams and have been waiting impatiently ever since.

Finally, I went there this week with a very special friend and these are my confessions: I may or may not be back there at least once every fortnight.

I mean, they have a gold shoe as a doorstop - what more do you want?

The beautiful contrast between soft, lush pink tones and rich green is already a feast for the eyes with their flamingo decor theme. Already visually satisfied, I quickly scanned the QR code on our table to see what their menu had to offer.

We were sat in a private booth in the corner of the restaurant - which is just the right amount of privacy and romantic vibes.

I'm usually one of those people who's the first to arrive almost always but this time, I didn't mind - my eyes were just so pleased by my surroundings. I ordered a peanut butter hot chocolate while I waited for my friend. Now, to know me, is to know that peanut butter flavoured anything is my religion.

The hot chocolate was good, but entirely too little peanut butter for my liking. I'm one of those people that needs an assault of flavour to convince me that it's there - so I would add a lot more peanut butter to it to balance the sweetness of the hot chocolate.

My friend arrived and we put in our food orders - we are both on a healthy eating journey, so we chose the Buddha Bowls.

I got the salmon Buddha bowl and my friend got the Thai chicken Buddha bowl and we both had food envy because: just look at them.

We were so pleased at just how flavour-full our bowls were. Everything was so fresh, so delicious, what was meant to be crispy had a proper crisp, the salmon was perfectly cooked and flavoured and everything married together so so well. My friend really, really enjoyed the Thai chicken bowl and was going to order another to take away but we had to leave.

Honey & Dough was worth the year-long wait it took to get a tick off my foodie bucket list. This is a must visit and somewhere I will be going again and again. They have an extensive menu featuring all day breakfast, small bites, main meals and sides. Please believe I will not rest until I have sampled a good portion of that menu, which is my new life's purpose. Will you be joining me?

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