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Home is where the heart is, as the popular saying goes, so it's only fitting that a healthy heart means a healthy body and mind. Good health thus starts with nourishing and delicious food. is where Melburnians can find their culinary heart and health.

may be positioned as far from a cosy home as possible. It's nestled among the high-risers and grey towers of corporate Melbourne's CBD. But upon entering, patrons of feel the concrete melt away, and are greeted by warm, friendly staff, and a food cabinet bursting with colourful salads, layered raw slices and a humming coffee machine.

Aside from the main cabinet, there is a tempting wall of cold-pressed juices all standing to attention and bursting with fruity (and veggie) juice and nut mylk varieties. Everything at is made onsite with a love that extends to the freshest, high-quality ingredients. A hearty spread of bowls, salads, curries, soups, smoothies and beverages are all packed with flavour combinations that ooze with energy for those needing a more nurturing pick-me-up. Food is definitely thy medicine, and what better place than to gorge on 's offerings. The bar first started in Bourke Street selling juices, smoothies and refined sugar-free treats. A full menu of all-vegan meals are the extension to 's formula at their newest location in the commerce end of town.

Many come into seeking something quick and easy before they scurry back to the office. Others seek a warm and light space in which to unwind for a decent lunch. Despite being bustling to meet both clientele, there is space for everyone in which to eat and rejuvenate. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether patrons are time-poor or not, all mealtimes are covered here and allergies are clearly labelled whether be gluten, nuts or soy.

It's recommended to stop and be still, while enjoying the fruits of 's labours. Make the time to sit over a bowl of vegan goodness; the Home Bowl does the trick. Home is a soul bowl that's stacked with avocado, greens, edamame beans, roasted sweet potato brown rice and sauerkraut.

The jewel in this crowning bowl is the dense mushroom walnut meatball-style rounds. All flavours, when dressed with a pouring of green dressing simply melt into one another and pop in the mouth. To complement the bowl, is a generous swig of Ginger Ninja is recommended; a cold-pressed juice apple, ginger, lemon and schizandra (magnolia berry). Patrons don't need to wait too long for their meals off the menu to appear at the table.

There's still time in the lunch hour to sample a warmer beverage and sweet. While an organic coffee is tempting, a soy chai seems fitting to have after such a replenishing and rejuvenating lunch.

To pair it, a slice of coconut bounty complements the Indian-inspired beverage perfectly. Patrons will definitely leave with an extra bounce in their step.

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