Holmead Park

Holmead Park


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is located in Eight Mile Plains, a suburb approximately 14km south of Brisbane's central business district. The name 'Eight Mile Plains' is linked to the early days of settlement, referring to the area's topography as well as the distance by bush track to One Mile Swamp (now known as Woolloongabba) - the distance was 8 miles. Previously known as 'O'mead' and 'Holme-mead', the later name 'Holmead' also has a long history with the establishment of the area - Holmead Road, which used to be a dirt track, was named by the early settlers in this area.

Off-Leash Dog Park

The off-leash dog park at is fully enclosed, making it a safe haven of green openness so that pooches can run themselves out without pawrents worrying about them ending up in dangerous situations. Plus, it's expansive - there's plenty of room for a whole party of pooches should you want to host, for example, a birthday party for your dog! There is plenty to sniff and explore, with Eddy having a personal weakness for tree branches and pine cones. For the pawrents, there are also park benches scattered throughout the park so that you can have a much deserved rest. And, of course, there are basic doggy facilities such as doggy bags and a bubbler.

Picnic Area

There are several seating options for those who are looking for a spot to enjoy a nice snack or meal - choose from shady gazebos and park benches (both with and without tables); otherwise, there is literally an endless amount of grass for you to pick a spot to lay out the picnic mat. With plenty of large trees acting as a canopy and providing shade and a refreshing breeze making its way through the park, makes for a relaxing and comfortable park visit at any time of the day.

Walking Track

As part of the Bulimba Creek Bikeway, the walking track that encompasses takes you around the Brisbane Holiday Village , and connects patrons to other parks (e.g. Maisie Dixon Park, Wishart Community Park). This path is shared by cyclists and people alike, so remember your walking etiquette and stick to your side of the path. The path, flanked by big leafy trees and the greenest grass, is relatively spacious - there is plenty of room for all. Dogs are welcome on this track, provided that they remain on leash at all times.


Would a park really be a park without some playground equipment? Well, no! Luckily, has plenty of play equipment for the little ones (and the young at heart). Equipment includes a large climber playset with heaps of obstacles to navigate, two swings, and of course, a see-saw! Best of all, all these equipment are located under a giant canopy to protect the children from the sun.

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