Holiday Science Programs at CSIRO

Holiday Science Programs at CSIRO


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School holidays are approaching and it's time to start planning.

CSIRO is offering an abundance of science programs for youngsters up to the age of 14 in addition to camps and Christmas themed events. One of the programs available is the Holiday Science program which is a fantastic way for young people to learn about all sorts of cool stuff such as electronics, machines, food chemistry and forensic science whilst engaged in hands-on activities.

The activities are fun, informative, interactive and just absolutely fantastic. It makes the learning of science an enjoyable experience with lots of making, building, constructing and heaps of in-depth activities captivating and fascinating participants.

Check their Events Page for the complete list of programs available in your area and you can also book via their website. Dates, times, age restrictions and availability may vary between programs so for more detailed information, please see their website .

Five different Holiday Science programs are available and the following pages tell you about them.

[SECTION]Jet-powered Race Cars, LEGO Machines & Skill Testers[/SECTION]

Create. Build. Construct.

Create your very own electric wonky wire, build your super cool race car and construct simple and more complicated machines using LEGO.

Expect an exciting day featuring awesome interactive activities with hand eye co-ordination tests, car races, and lots of machines. You'll learn about the fascinating facts on Newton's laws of motion, find out what the aerodynamic racing car is powered by and discover exactly how machines work.

How many goes have you had before you can finish the maze without the buzzer sounding? What are pulleys, levers and gears and how important are they? How are machines built?

Here, all your questions will be answered. Are you up for this challenge?

[SECTION]Slime, Crystals & Food Chemistry[/SECTION]

Get ready to make real cool slime, learn about crystals and find out about the chemistry of healthy food. Hear the interesting facts about polymers, about the process of crystal making and the truth about what's actually in your food. You'll do real chemical tests on different food samples while learning about proteins, starches, sugars, fats and vitamins; uncover the mysterious structures of crystals; and have the best time making your favourite slime.

Don't forget to take home two kinds of crystals and see what happens to them.

[SECTION]DIY Musical Instruments & Stethoscopes[/SECTION]

Make weird sounds, create wacky things, and have the best time.

Explore the sound of science and learn about vibrations, pitch and volume. Prepare for some of the most exciting workshops with a fantastic interactive show in addition to a collection of fun hands-on activities. Discover how sound travels, see why big and small things make different sounds, and understand the effects of energy on sound.

Get creative and make your own stethoscope, take it home and hear what sounds your friends and family's body make. And build your own unique musical instrument and take it home. Who knows, it may even inspire you to learn an actual musical instrument.

[SECTION]Light Sensitive Buzzers & Glowing LED Trees[/SECTION]

How do modern electronics work? Hands-on activities making the use of resistors, capacitors, transistors, among others will answer that question. Here, you'll be taught about complex circuits and how to make them from scratch; building colourful LED trees to light up your room at home; and creating a light sensing buzzer circuit.

Use your newly created tree as a pretty decoration for your room or to light up your wardrobe, and safeguard your valuables in your drawer with the buzzer circuit.

This is a fantastic program for anyone interested in electronics and the in-depth activities provide great fun and fascinating science engaging all sorts of learners.

[SECTION]DNA Testing & Owl Pellet Dissections[/SECTION]

Have you ever imagined yourself on the set of CSI solving the mysterious murder?

Well, here's your chance to be a forensic scientist. Learn to problem solve, think critically and understand what forensic science is. Just like the TV show, you'll be fingerprinting, testing fabrics for chemicals, analysing soil, examining fibres using the microscope, and the most exciting of all, DNA testing. By the end of the session, you'll know all about the process of DNA testing and how incredibly powerful it is as well as the science of gene technology.

What's in an owl's diet?

Dissect a real regurgitated owl pellet and find out. Gain knowledge about the food chain and the role of owls. You may be surprised at what you find out.

All images courtesy of CSIRO .

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