Holey Moley Mini Golf, Charlestown Square

Holey Moley Mini Golf, Charlestown Square


Posted 2021-01-10 by Sue Wfollow
Holey Moley is a unique mini golf venue that has 18 locations across NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA, with one at Charlestown Square in Newcastle. It is located in the same building as Strike Bowling, so you can play mini golf and have a game of bowling, all in the one venue. Holey Moley also has a well-stocked bar , so you can enjoy an Espresso Martini as you play, or relax with a Kaffir Lime Martini after your game. Due to the bar and alcoholic beverages, Holey Moley becomes an adults only venue after 8pm.

During the day it is a family-friendly activity, so my daughter and I booked 9 holes of mini golf online and visited during the school holidays. We waited just a short time to get to the desk and we were then given instructions on how to get our golf clubs (hanging on the wall) and balls (out of a lolly machine!). We were told that the front 9 mini golf holes were popular with kids and the back 9 holes were scary to play. My daughter, aged 9, was adamant that the back 9 were the ones that she wanted to try...

Before we go any further, I must say that this mini golf course is like no other that we have ever been to before. The actual mini golf is secondary to the quirkiness of each hole and the random surprises along the way. As it is an indoor venue and fairly compact, each hole is very small, so playing in groups of two is ideal so you don't fall over each other. There aren't many places to stand as you watch, so I wouldn't advise playing large groups together. It also has dark mood lighting, so watch where you walk as you go from hole to hole.

There are some easy holes to play, such as putting around a "couch" in a lounge room...

Which are perfect for Instagram shots with friends!

Each hole also has a play on words which is creative and quirky - such as "Children of the Pawn" (with a horror chess theme), "Smells like Tee Spirit" (with a Kurt Cobain mural) and "Scaring is Caring" (with a skeleton which screams when you pick the ball out of the hole!) Each hole is unique and half the fun of playing is reading the signs and working out what to do.

Although we didn't score (as there was too much to look at!), you can add up your points on your scorecard, with a maximum of 6 strokes per hole.

Other holes aren't mini golf at all - you just put your ball into a hole and get points for wherever it comes out...

As mentioned, this course is like no other we have played before - but it was a lot of fun! It was a quick game, with 9 holes only taking us 25 minutes to complete. As soon as we were finished, my daughter was keen to book the first 9 holes and come back another day to see what they were like.

Although it was enjoyable to visit with my daughter, it is easy to see how this would be an entertaining venue to visit at night, as an adults only venue. They have a wide range of cocktails, tasty food, a karaoke room and a dark, quirky vibe which would make it fun to play with friends or on a date night. It is less about the golf and more about the laughs.

Why don't you book a round this weekend...if you dare!

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