Hold Me Until Midnight - Book Review

Hold Me Until Midnight - Book Review


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Christina Phillips is a writer of contemporary (and erotic) romances, as well as historical and paranormal. This title is written for Entangled Publishing - Brazen line/imprint, though she has also written for Ellora's Cave, and done some indie. Christina lives in Western Australia as an ex-pat with her family.

Hold Me Until Midnight is Christina's newest title for Entangled Publishing, in the Grayson Brothers series, which I recently had the opportunity to read.

%%Scarlett Ashford, a well-known, wealthy politician's daughter, needs more than just a date for her father's wedding. She needs a bodyguard to scare off unwanted attention. Scarlett dares to hire Jackson Grayson, a tough, big and gorgeous security expert.

They have an immediate, and very inconvenient attraction and though Jackson doesn't do relationships, he wants Scarlett, now. Can one hot and incredibly intense night turn into something real?%%

Scarlett gets a little more than she bargained for with Jackson when their intense, mutual physical attraction takes off right away. It doesn't hurt that Jackson is good with physical confrontation as Scarlett, being brought up in a polite family, is a little shy of this herself. He fills in her requirements as a protective bodyguard way better than expected.

Though a society girl, Scarlett is nice enough to like a regular working guy. Jackson's had to overcome some tough childhood issues but has worked hard to make himself successful. He's not into the society scene that he often protects, but there's something about Scarlett that gets him.

Initially, Jackson and Scarlett are overwhelmed with their mutual physical attraction, but gradually find things they have in common that start to bind them together.

There are endearing, even funny moments as Jackson and Scarlett try to figure each out from opposite ends of the social spectrum.

A fast, steamy read, Hold Me Until Midnight satisfies if you enjoy your romance with plenty of action.

Christina is a triple finalist 2013 ARRA Awards for Favourite Erotic Romance.

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