Hogs for Dogs Harley Ride - Assistance Dogs Australia

Hogs for Dogs Harley Ride - Assistance Dogs Australia


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Sun 16 Mar 2014

Everyone loves a charity, right? Something else that gets the public feeling all fuzzy is furry animals. Combine the two and you have a sure fire civic champion. Assistance Dogs Australia is one of those.

In operation now for almost 20 years, Assistance Dogs Australia is a national charity which trains up Labradors and Golden Retrievers, the quintessential family pet. When fully "qualified", these loveable pooches are sourced to people with disabilities. The dogs, apart from being irreplaceable family companions, also perform specific tasks around the home that the person cannot carry out for themselves. Such people are subsequently gifted a higher degree of independence without the need for permanent carers.

Some of the best news for the lucky recipients of those cuddly savours are it's all free. While of no cost to the person of disability, the organisation itself doesn't survive on air alone. Each dog costs in the vicinity of $25,000 to $30,000 to train up to scratch.

Richard Lord and his dedicated staff at Assistance Dogs Australia down in Engadine toil tirelessly to scrape together the funds necessary to keep this most noble of causes afloat. One of their more quirky fund drives takes place this March and is the chance for the general public to siphon off a few dollars in the right direction whilst have a fun day out in the process.

"Hogs for Dogs" 2014 is the 10th incarnation of a truly eclectic Sunday. Beginning at Perryman Place at 9.00am on Sunday March 16 by the beach in North Cronulla, a group of members of the Liverpool Harley Owners Club will take fortunate ticket holders on the back of their Hogs for a leisurely ride south to the Mount Keira Lookout. Morning tea will follow here to refresh the participants which in turn precede the ride back to home base. Here the Hogs Breath Cafe Cronulla will provide a BBQ lunch in the park at North Cronulla.

Cast aside any pre-conceptions of hell-raising bikie gangs occupying the front pages of media for all the wrong reasons. The Liverpool Harley Owners Club is one chapter of a worldwide organisation. It's a social and family oriented club whose members have that unifying thread of a passion for riding Harley Davidsons, aka Hogs. It's also a club racking up the karma points with its heart in exactly in the right place.

The $125 cost (yes, the ideal gift) is all inclusive of the ride, morning tea, BBQ lunch back at Cronulla and a limited edition bandanna.

Make yourself feel better while embracing a hit of the unconventional and contact Assistance Dogs Australia to indulge in this most abstract charitable day out. If you can't make it then donations to the cause are most gratefully accepted. If people such as Hogs Breath Cafe, Liverpool Harley Owners Club and right down to the photographer at bernasconiphotography.com can provide their services for the grand old price of zero, then it shouldn't be too difficult for us to dig just that wee bit deeper into our own pockets.

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