Hike Mount Tibberoowuccum and Mount Cooee, Glass House Mountains National Park

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Hiking the Glass House Mountains National Park

Mount Tibberoowuccum and Mount Cooee are part of the Glass House Mountains National Park. The Glass House Mountains are craggy volcanic peaks in the Sunshine Coast region. They are made up of trachyte and rhyolite rocks, which withstand the natural action of erosion by sun and wind.

In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook was sailing near the coast when he spotted the peaks which reminded him of the glass house in his village. The glasshouses referred to by Cook were the foundries that made glass in Yorkshire, England.

The Glass House Mountains National Park protects communities of plants and wildlife. The variety of landscapes of the peaks offers different habitats, including forests, woodlands and heathlands.

On top of Mount Tibberoowuccum with views of Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Cooee.

The Glass House Mountains are important for Indigenous people. In the past, Aboriginal people gathered in the area when there was plenty of food. Aboriginals were connected to the cycles of nature and they knew when and where to collect food.

The trails to Mount Tibberoowuccum and Mount Cooee start at Tibrogargan picnic area, near Mount Tibrogargan carpark, just off Barrs Road.

The new Tibrogargan carpark is off Barrs Road.

Mount Tibberoowuccum.

There are a few trails to reach the summit of Mount Tibberoowuccum. Generally, the Group Hiking South East Qld hikes a loop starting from Mount Tibrogargan picnic area. Some of the fire trails have been eroded and damaged, especially by rain. The soil is soft, sandy and red, easy to wash out, but the tracks are alright for hiking.

The fire trail is eroded and steep.

`The loop is about 3 km long, with an elevation gain of 194 metres. Allow 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the hike. Mount Tibberoowuccum stands at 220 metres above sea level. Some bushwalking experience is recommended, mostly due to the different tracks intersecting each other, uneven terrain, scrambling and steep sections. Some fitness is required to enjoy the hike and to cope with the scrambling and the steepness of the track.

With a bit of fitness the trail is easily tackled.

The trail has no signage and it is not contemplated by the National Park. This means that there aren’t official trails on the maps and the difficulty of the trail is not rated.

Follow the trail starting near the toilet block, then take the fire trail on the right continue to the next intersection and take the trail on the right. After about 300 metres the trail turns sharp on the right, climbing on the side of the mountain up to the summit.

From the fire trail there is a nice view of Mount Tunbubudla, East and West Peak.

There are no signs on the trail. The track meanders in the bush and then the terrain turns rocky.

The trail is eroded, with roots protruding from the terrain and it is very steep. The summit of the mountain is a rocky knob which requires a scramble. The top offers 360-degree views of the amazing national park and surrounding with views up to the ocean. In the background, it is possible to see the skyscrapers of Brisbane City and the sea town of Caloundra.

The Group Hiking South East Qld and More on the summit of Mount Tibberoowuccum.

All around there are other Glass House peaks, Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Cooee on the east, Mount Ngungun and Mount Coonowrin on the north, Mount Beerwah on the west and Mount Beerburrum on the south.

Enjoying the views! It is not about conquering a mountain, it is about connecting with nature, being mindful of all the surroundings and sharing the experience.

Thisanotus tuberosus, commonly known as a fringed lily. This beautiful mauve flower is native to Australia. It has three wide fringed petals and three narrow petals. The flowers last only one day, opening early in the morning and withering in the afternoon. The plant has tubers at the end of the roots, which Aboriginals used to eat. Allegedly the tubers don't have flavour, but are juicy.

Scramble down from the top and start descending the mountain for a few metres on the rocky trail and then at the intersection, turn right to return to Tibrogargan carpark. Some sections down the trail are steep, but then it is an easy walk to the carpark.

Descending the mountain from the top, the section is very steep.

Once you are back to the picnic area, have a break and eat something healthy before starting the hike to Mount Cooee.

Erythrorchis cassythoides, commonly known as the black bootlace orchid, is a leafless climbing orchid endemic to Eastern Australia. This beautiful orchid has scented flowers. It was Richard Cunningham who described formally, for the first time, the black bootlace and sent a specimen and hand-written description to his brother Allan.

Map of the trail to hike Mount Tibberoowuccum.

Mount Cooee.

Mount Cooee trail starts at the Tibrogargan picnic area. The first 750 metres of the trail to Mount Cooee, is part of the Tibrogargan and Trachyte Circuits.

Mount Cooee trail is about 5km long, with an elevation gain of 211 metres, allowing about 2 hours and 45 minutes. The trail is steep and requires a bit of scrambling. Mount Cooee stands at 177 metres above sea level.

At about 1.6km from Tibrogargan picnic area, on the left, there is a trail in the vegetation that leads to Mount Cooee fire trail. You must really pay attention in order not to miss the faint trail off the Tibrogargan and Trachyte circuits that connect with the fire trail.

The beginning of the trail to Mount Cooee is in common with Tibrogargan and Trachyte circuits.

On the Tibrogargan and Trachyte circuits coming from the carpark, on your left there is a turn in the vegetation. You must pay attention because it is easy to miss the trail, which connects with Mount Cooee fire trail.

Hibbertia vestita, commonly known by the name of Hairy Guinea Flower. A hardy shrub, with bright yellow flowers, endemic to eastern Australia.

The trail that turns to the right goes to the summit of Mount Tibrogargan. It is a difficult hike, only for experienced hikers.

Once you are on Mount Cooee fire trail, continue to walk and you see a trail starting at the beginning of the forest. Turn sharp on the right onto the track to the summit. The first part of the trail meanders amongst casuarina trees and then it continues on volcanic rocks, between bushes.

Once you are on Mount Cooee fire track, look for a trail on the right entering the forest.

The trail exits the forest and starts to climb on the side of the mountain. The vegetation changes from trees to bushes. The trail continues on volcanic rock and there are small cairns to mark the directions.

The trail continues on volcanic rock.

The forest gives way to the rocks and small shrubs. Leptospermum microcarpum, is known by the name of small- fruited tea tree. It is a very common shrub of rocky areas; it is found on the montane heath and woodland.

Along the trail, there are great views of Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Tibberoowuccum.

The south face of Mount Tibrogargan, with Clemency Wall for climbers.

Watching the climbers on Mount Tibrogargan. On the background is Mount Tibberoowuccum.

The trail continues on the ridge and it ends on a sort of rocky ledge, with views of the forest. Hidden under some rocks is an old ammunition box with inside a few things that hikers have left over the years. If you would like to check out the box, make sure to close the lid properly and return it to the niche near the tree, under the rocks.

Walking on the ridge, there are not many views from the ridge because of the trees. The trail on the ridge is more visible, more hikers are walking on the mountain.

The group Hiking South East Qld having a break on the ledge. In front is the forest.

The old ammunition box has been on the mountain for many years. If you like, you can leave something for the next hikers to enjoy, like a little item or something written.

Recently, small cairns have appeared to mark the trail up to Mount Cooee on the rocky section. The trail is certainly more used now than it used to be and the path is more visible on the ridge as well. The return is on the same trail. The steep rocky section is easier to hike on the way up than down. Generally, the hikers have to be careful on the way down.

One of the many little cairns along the trail.

The return is on the same trail.

Map of the trail to hike Mount Cooee.

What to Bring.

Bring plenty of water, 2 litres and healthy snacks.
Hiking gear: a medium hiking backpack, hiking clothes: long trousers and shirt with long sleeves are preferable; hiking ankle supportive boots; gaiters; first aid kit; insect repellent, preferably in the form of cream; hat, sunscreen, gloves; light raincoat; tissues; mobile phone; walking poles if you like to use them.

For a successful hike carry a backpack with water, essential items and food. Wear suitable clothes, flexible and quick dry.

After the Hike.

The Glass House Mountains offer amazing trails for hiking and also exceptional venues for coffee, dining and relaxing.

Heading north on the Steve Irwin Way is the Glass House Mountain township which offers CJ's Pastries and the Glasshouse Tavern.

In Beerwah, the Beerwah Hotel has cold beer and mouthwatering char-grilled steaks, seafood and great pizza; gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Cafe Phillies on Beerburrum and The General Store in Beerburrum offer bakery products, coffee and delicious hot meals.

The Peachester Cafe Bakery is near the General Store in Peachester and the fuel station. Coffee and homemade food are very appreciated by the many happy customers. The quaint cafe is at 24A Coochin St, Peachester QLD 4519.

The Lookout Cafe is at 182 Glass House Woodford Rd, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518. The Cafe serves great coffee, acai bowls, special vegan burgers, flavoursome food and great views of the Glass House Mountains from the terrace.

Glasshouse Grind has homemade pies. Next door is Everything Good with local fresh produce and special foods. They are at 1094 Steve Irwin Way, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518.

Strawberry View Coffee Shack has views of the strawberry fields. Every day the strawberries are picked fresh and used as ingredients for many delicious dishes. You can buy punnets of strawberries.

One of the many decadent desserts in Strawberry View Coffee Shack. The cafe offers also savoury food and coffee.

Top Highlights.

A great hike in the Glass House Mountains National Park, with great views. For hikers with a bit of fitness, and able to cope with the steepness and the scrambling, Mount Tibberoowuccum and Mount Cooee are lots of fun.

Arriving early in the morning and have time to have a coffee and a muffin in Cafe Phillies on Beerburrum and have lunch after the hike at Strawberry View Coffee Shack.

Take home a 1 Kg punnet of fresh strawberries.

Arriving early gets you the opportunity to enjoy a coffee in a great atmosphere in Phillies Cafe.

Directions to Tibrogargan Carpark.

From Steve Irwin Way turn left onto Barrs Road, which becomes Marshs Road. On the left, there is a sign indicating the new Tibrogargan carpark. Sometimes the carpark gets busy, you may have to park the car along the road.

From Brisbane City, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on the time of the day and the traffic, 77 km drive.



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