Hike Mount Miketeebumulgrai, Mount Coochin and Mount Elimbah

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Hiking the Glass House Mountains National Park.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland boasts unique amazing volcanic peaks rising up from eucalypt forests, macadamia plantations, and fields of pineapples and strawberries.

The giant monoliths with their unique flora and fauna are protected in the Glass House Mountains National Park. The park contains a wide variety of landscapes, including rocky peaks, steep slopes and gullies. The diverse areas are habitats for many species that are endangered, threatened or vulnerable.

Great hiking trails on the Glass House Mountains meander through eucalypt forests and beautiful flowering heathlands. The summits of the mountains offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, green fields and azure sky.

The Glass House Mountains are important for the local Traditional Owners, the Jinibara and Kabi Kabi people, being part of their culture and heritage.

From Mount Coochin, looking south to Mount Beerwah, Mount Coonowrin and Mount Tunbubudla.

Hiking Southeast Qld and More.

The group Hiking Southeast Qld hikes quite regularly the beautiful Glass House Mountains. The remarkable volcanic peaks have trails most of which are not contemplated by the National Park. This means that the trails are uncharted and unmarked and the trail's difficulty is not classified.

The hikers must respect the mountains of the Glass House National Park, they are so significant that are listed on the Queensland and National Heritage Register as a landscape of national significance.

The group Hiking South East Qld hiked in one day three of the great Glass House Mountains: Mount Miketeebumulgrai, Mount Coochin and Mount Elimbah, also known as the Saddle. The hikes include having morning tea at the Glasshouse Grind Café.

The Group Hiking South East Qld on the West Peak of Mount Coochin.

Mount Miketeebumulgrai.

Mount Miketeebumulgrai is the first mountain of the day, a relatively short trail, but very steep.
The starting point of the hike is off King Road in Wamuran, near Sunray Strawberries.
Mount Miketeebumulgrai is 201 m high above sea level, with a climb of 150 metres.

The views of the Glass House Mountains when hiking Mount Miketeebumulgrai.

Trail Notes.

The trail is 1.2 km return, allow about 1 hour. The trail heads straight to the summit, where there is a cairn to mark the top of the mountain. The track starts just behind the National Park sign, off King Road.

The trail is marked with a few pink ribbons and the footpath is clearly visible, no chance of getting lost here. The trail climbs up through a eucalypt forest, on a slope covered with long grass and bushes, leaves and stones. There is a bald patch that is the remains of an old quarry.

Some fitness is required to hike the short trail since the track is very steep, with loose rocks and dry vegetation. The top provides a nice view of the surroundings.

The ascend is steep.

On the top of Mount Miketeebumulgrai.

There is a cairn to mark the top of Mount Miketeebumulgrai.

Descending the mountain.


From Brisbane travel on the Bruce Hwy, turn into D’Aguilar Hwy- Caboolture Bypass- and Pumicestone Road.
Turn right onto Old Gympie Road, turn left onto Breadsell Road, Alcock Road, Boden Road and then left onto King Road. The trailhead is near Sunray Strawberries, on your right. Park your car on the left side of the road. There isn't a dedicated carpark.

Address of Sunray Strawberries: 347 King Rd, Wamuran QLD 4512.

The sign of the National Park marks the start of the hike, just off King Road, near Sunray Strawberries.


When driving to Mount Miketeebumulgrai you can put in Google Sunray Strawberries, it is very easy to find it. The start of the hike is off King Road where there is the National Park sign. Park your car on the road, opposite the side with the National Park sign.

Please note that there is a Kings Road not far from the start of the hike and Google may try to get you there.

Late winter, early summer there are endless fields of strawberries.

Mount Coochin.

After climbing Mount Miketeebumulgrai, the second Glass House Mountain of the day is Mount Coochin.
From Mount Miketeebumulgrai drive to 2672 Old Gympie Road. It takes about 25 minutes, 28km drive to the start of Mount Coochin hike.

Mount Coochin is a great mountain with amazing views, beautiful flora, and it offers a few challenges to make the hike more interesting.

Mount Coochin has two peaks: the West Peak is 235 m high and the East Peak is 230 m high from sea level. Both peaks offer 360 degrees of stunning views.

From the summits of Mount Coochin, there are truly amazing views of the Glass House Mountain region, views of the ocean and the skyline of Brisbane CBD.

The trail to the West Peak is rocky and steep.

The rocks of the Glass House Mountains have volcanic origin.

Beautiful views of the Glass House Mountains, Mount Tibrogargan and Mount Ngungun on the left; just behind Mount Ngungun is Mount Tibberoowuccum with the little knob; more on the right is Mount Tunbubudla, also called the Twin Peaks; on the right is Mount Coonowrin.

Trail Notes.

Mount Coochin trail is about 2.1 km long, allow about 2 hours. The track is not marked, but the trail is visible and there is no chance of getting lost. Some fitness is required to cope with the length of the hike, the scrambling and the steepness of the mountain.

The trail is uncharted, with no signs to mark the track. The trail in not looked after by the National Park Authorities, cliffs are unfenced and there are no infrastructures of any sort. The trail can be hiked clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Some bushwalking experience is recommended in order to cope with the steepness and the scrambling on the mountain.

Hikers on the top of the West Peak of Mount Coochin.


Mount Coochin is a great mountain, with scramble sections that are fun for many hikers.
However, there are loose rocks and it may be slippery when wet. If scrambling down the mountain is too hard for some hikers, it is possible to hike the East Peak first, in anticlockwise mode. Some hikers find easy to scramble up than down.

The trail is not marked and it can be a bit difficult to follow the right track. Follow the wide dirt track behind the gate and walk until you see a smaller trail climbing on the mountain. It may be easier to stay on the trail following someone who has already done the trail and recorded the way on the app, such as Wikiloc or Alltrails.

The West Peak and the East Peak.

From the summit of the West Peak, some scrambling is required to descend the rocky slope and reach the summit of the East Peak. From the West Peak, the saddle between the two peaks is clearly visible. Also, the trail on the mountain is very visible, resembling a scare.

From the West Peak it is possible to see the East Peak and the trail to the summit.

Descending the West Peak requires some scrambling on the rocks.

Hikers on the East Peak.

The flowers of Mount Coochin.

On the mountain is possible to spot wildlife, especially lizards, many plants and outstanding flowers.

Australian native rock orchids, Dendrobium kingianum, commonly known as a Pink Rock Orchid.

Leptospermum microcarpum, family Myrtaceae, with small grey-green leaves with a prickly point, flowering time from August to November.

Coleus graveolens, synonym Plectranthus graveolens, Commonly called Bush Basil or the Five Spice Herb.

Directions to Mount Coochin Trailhead.

Drive to 2672 Old Gympie Road, Mount Coochin carpark. It looks like you are going to some private property, but the start of the trail is just after the gate of the National Park.

The trail starts behind the gate with the sign of the National Park.

After the Hike.

After hiking Mount Coochin is time for morning tea. From Mount Coochin, drive to Glasshouse Grind Café, it takes only 8 minutes, 6.5km drive.

Glasshouse Grind Café provides great coffee and great pies. In the hot section, there are spinach and feta triangles, sausage rolls and pies in a variety of flavours. In the cake cabinets, there are sandwiches, lamington cakes, vanilla slides and the most delicious muffins. Bread and other items are sold in the café.

Great selection of Aussie Award-winning pie, all made on the premises.

Everything Good.

Right next to Glasshouse Grind Café is Everything Good, a shop of produce offering local and seasonal items like avocados, pineapples, macadamia nuts, peanuts and passion fruits.
The shop stocks a lot of organic and vegan food. There is also a nursery stocked up with flowers and plants.

It is a great place to stop to have coffee and to buy some fresh local produce.

Glasshouse Grind Café and Everything Good is at 1094 Steve Irwin Way, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518.

Vintage Treasure Market Glasshouse.

Near Glasshouse Grind Café there is a new shop called Vintage Treasure Market Glasshouse. It is a shop full of curiosities, with many quirky items, including clothes, tools, gifts, vintage and collectibles.

Vintage Treasure Market Glasshouse is at 1088 Steve Irwin Way, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518, Australia, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, Queensland; (07) 5375 7015.

There are many different items in Vintage Treasure Market Glasshouse.

Mount Elimbah.

The third Glass House Mountain of the day is Elimbah, also known as The Saddle.

From Glasshouse Grind Café drive to Mount Elimbah carpark on Old Gympie Road, it takes about 18 minutes and it is a 19km drive.
Mount Elimbah stands at 125 metres above sea level.

View of some of the Glass House Mountains from Mount Elimbah.

Trail Notes.

The hike starts at Mount Elimbah carpark, just off Old Gympie Road. The trail is about 1.8 km return, a short hike, and it is about one hour. The trail starts behind the gate with the national park sign. The terrain is predominantly rocky with grass and bushes.

The top offers almost 360-degree views of the surrounding areas, The trail is uncharted and it has no signs, but the footpath is visible. The track takes the hikers amongst eucalypt trees, with rocky sections that require some care.

This mountain is ideal for bushwalkers of all skill levels who want to go walking, hiking, or birdwatching. A bit of fitness is required to cope with the steepness of the trail.

The trail to the summit is steep.

There are interesting rock formations.

Looking west at Mount Miketeebumulgrai from Mount Elimbah.

The Group Hiking South East Qld on the summit of Mount Elimbah.


Drive to Elimbah carpark just off Old Gympie Road. Park your car in the small and grassy carpark. Mount Elimbah is near the town of Caboolture, in the south region of the Glass House Mountains National Park.

The trailhead of Mount Elimbah is just near the sign of the National Park.

Top Highlights.

Hike three of the great Glass House Mountains in one day.

Have a break at the Glasshouse Grind Cafe, shopping at Everything Good for local fresh produce including strawberries, peanuts and macadamia nuts.

Bush with flowers on Mount Elimbah.






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