Highlander Season 3 - TV Series Review

Highlander Season 3 - TV Series Review


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The Highlander TV series premiered in 1992 and quickly became a cult classic. The show follows the adventures of Duncan MacLeod, an immortal warrior who must fight against other immortals in order to survive. The third season of the show aired from September 1994 to May 1995 and consisted of 22 episodes.

The third season of Highlander continued to explore Duncan's (Adrian Paul) past and his relationships with other immortals. The season starts with Duncan traveling to Paris, where he meets up with his old friend Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen). Amanda is actually a former lover of Duncan's who is also an immortal. The two get involved in a plot to steal a priceless diamond, which sets the stage for much of the season's action.

Throughout the season, Amanda becomes a recurring character and is often involved in Duncan's battles against other immortals. She adds a touch of humour and sexiness to the show, which had previously been more focused on action and drama. Amanda's character is also important in that she provides a contrast to Duncan's more serious personality, as well as a glimpse into his past.

Another major plotline in season 3 involves the introduction of Methos (Peter Wingfield). Methos is an enigmatic and elusive immortal who is rumoured to be over 5,000 years old. He becomes a key figure in the series and forms a close friendship with Duncan. Methos is a fascinating character, and his backstory is slowly revealed throughout the season. He provides a much-needed sense of mystery and intrigue to the show, as well as some excellent banter with Duncan.

The third season also features a number of memorable episodes. One of the best is The Samurai, which takes place in feudal Japan. In this episode, Duncan travels back in time to Japan, where he meets a samurai named Hideo Koto (Robert Ito). The two become friends, and Duncan learns the ways of the samurai. However, when Koto is challenged to a duel by another samurai, Duncan must intervene to protect his friend. The Samurai is an excellent episode, with some beautiful cinematography and a compelling storyline.

Another notable episode is Mortal Sins, in which Duncan's former mentor, Darius (Werner Stocker), is murdered by a group of mortals. Darius was a recurring character in the first two seasons of the show. He was a priest who had become disillusioned with the church and had taken up the cause of helping immortals find peace. In Mortal Sins, we see how much Darius meant to Duncan, and how devastated he is by his friend's death. This episode is a great example of how the show is able to blend action and drama, and it has some powerful emotional moments.

One of the most memorable episodes of the season is Methos, which introduces the character of the same name. In this episode, Duncan is searching for Methos, whom he has heard is the oldest living immortal. Methos is initially portrayed as a villain, but as the episode progresses, we begin to see that he is more complex than he first appears. This episode is a great example of how the show is able to create interesting and layered characters.

Season 3 also includes several episodes that delve deeper into Duncan's past. One of the best of these is Shadows, in which we see flashbacks to Duncan's time in World War I. In this episode, we learn more about Duncan's experiences during the war, as well as his relationship with a fellow soldier named Robert. Shadows is a powerful episode, with some excellent acting from Adrian Paul, who portrays Duncan, as well as some poignant moments that explore the toll that war can take on a person.

Another episode that explores Duncan's past is "Obsession, in which a woman named Anne Lindsey (Lisa Howard), comes to Duncan for help. Anne has been stalked by an immortal named James Horton, who was responsible for the death of Duncan's first love, Tessa. This episode is a great example of how the show is able to tie together different storylines and characters, and it has some intense action sequences as well as some emotional moments.

Season 3 also features several episodes that focus on other immortals. One of the best of these is The Revolutionary, in which Duncan must face off against an immortal named Xavier St. Cloud (Roland Gift). Xavier is a former French revolutionary who is seeking revenge against Duncan for killing his brother during the French Revolution. This episode has some great sword fighting scenes, as well as some tense moments as Xavier tries to lure Duncan into a trap.

In addition to its strong characters and compelling storylines, season 3 of Highlander also benefits from its excellent production values. The show has always had a distinctive look and feel, with its moody lighting, atmospheric sets, and stylish fight scenes. The third season is no exception, and it features some of the show's best-looking episodes. The show's music is also a standout, with its iconic theme song and memorable instrumental cues.

One of the strengths of the Highlander TV series is its ability to explore complex themes and ideas. Throughout the show, we see immortals grappling with the weight of their own mortality, as well as the consequences of their actions over the centuries. We also see how the immortals' relationships with mortals can be both enriching and challenging. These themes are particularly well-explored in season 3, which features several episodes that deal with the legacy of the past and the impact it can have on the present.

Overall, the third season of Highlander is an excellent continuation of the show's saga. It features strong characters, compelling storylines, and excellent production values. Fans of the show will find much to enjoy in this season, as it continues to explore the rich mythology of the Highlander universe. And for those who have not yet experienced the show, season 3 is an excellent place to start, as it showcases the show's strengths and gives a good sense of what makes it such a beloved cult classic.

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