High Tea at Biku

High Tea at Biku


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High tea with what?Biku has become somewhat of an institution in Petitinget (Seminyak).

Set in a rustic joglo (Javanese wooden house). Biku is more like a page out of an English novel than a Balinese restaurant.

We met people that had booked in here directly from Australia, as they so wanted to experience true high tea.

Biku certainly does not disappoint.

They serve traditional English high tea with towering stands and lovely cakes and desserts.

High tea is around 105,000 rupiah ($10) per person.

For that you will get a lovely china tower filled with sandwiches, cakes, cookies, scones, jam and cream with your choice of teas or for a little more - champagne!

If you are not in a high tea mood, there is also an a la carte menu with sandwiches and bagettes (38K / $3 80), some great salads and a selection of main courses.

For sweets, there is a table laden with platters of cakes and on the menu assorted delivers which may include pavlova and strawberries and cream.

Not quite what you would expect in Bali, but certainly worth the visit. They also sell books and souvenirs on site.

Now I teased you with the title "High Tea with what?"

So here's part of the uniqueness.

You have 2 fun things you can partake of with your meal at Biku.

1. On certain days you can have your fortune told with your meal for the fee of 150K ($15)

2. Once you have finished your meal, the waiter appears with a small wooden block with holes in it, a bottle of water (maybe holy water, but more likely just chilled water).

Each wood block has a white tablet on it, looking more like something you would end up in a longer term in kerobokan for, than something given after a restaurant meal.

We warily ask the waiter what it is. he replied "towels - put it in the water" WT?

OK, we gently popped one white 'tablet' into the wooden block with water, it immediately absorbs the water, swells up like a pillar and allows you to take it, unroll it and use it as a refreshing facial towel.
The kids will be delighted and even for the adults - its pretty fun!

Biku is located in Petitinget / Seminyak, set in an ancient 150 year old traditional teak joglo.

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