High Court of Australia

High Court of Australia


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We had taken a drive to Canberra to check out Enlighten. We left Wollongong in storms and hit Canberra in rain. We decided to save some money at the DFO in Fyshwick. We walked away with some bargains and marvelled at how busy it was.

We then took the short drive to our home for the night being the Novotel. When we arrived, we had one last shop to hit so went to find that which ended up being in the city shopping centre across the street.

We decided to have a drink before we went to our rooms and checked out the dinner menu at the hotel. Nothing tickled our fancy, so we called up my favourite restaurant in town - Mama's Trattoria, which is conveniently located around the corner and on the block next to the Novotel.

Mama's Trattoria serves up family made Italian food, I found this place last year when I took my grandparents and now being my third time, I knew I couldn't go wrong there.

After a nice dinner, we crossed the lake and checked out this year's Enlighten. Being Mum and Dad's first time, we took our time walking around and checking out the light displays. They were very impressed.

The next morning ,I got up early to catch the sunrise. I hired a bike out the front of the Novotel and rode to a little park at the northern edge of the bridge. I got there just in time to get some good shots.

Once I was ready to move on I started riding the western wing of the lake where I met every local in town that weekend. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was.

So apart from friendly locals I saw; a lot of rowers, a rowing race, two kangaroos, some fisherman, one cameraman, a dam, a lot of brown grass and whole different side of Canberra. I also got to cross off my lifelong dream of riding the lake.

I went back to the hotel for a late breakfast only to find Mum and Dad in a shopping mood. They left me to study while they shopped.

You are wondering where the High Court comes into this weekend, aren't you?

Well, when the shoppers got back we checked out and hit the Versailles Exhibition at the Gallery, which was small but cute. You really have to go to Versailles to get a real taste.

As we were leaving, Mum wanted a selfie. So we stopped for the selfie and were looking up towards the High Court - you know, that building in between the Portrait Gallery and Art Gallery. We noticed a sign out the front and people like us walking in. Naturally, we had to go check it out. The sign said they were open from 12pm to 4pm to the public.

We crossed the line to enter the Highest Court of Australia in no time.

We handed in our bags to security and then checked out Court room 1, which was open and had a bunch of High School kids in it. There was a guide telling them where everyone in Court sits. We were amazed when he made a reference to that famous movie the "Castle". They had no clue.

Anyway, we roamed around the court there was only one room open. If you have been in a local Court, you have been in the High Court, but if you have run out of things to do in Canberra, you should definitely check it out

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