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Posted 2016-10-09 by Sightseeingsuzfollow
Paris Hotel and Casino is one of the most recognisable hotels along Las Vegas Boulevard, with its mini Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triomphe and the massive neon balloon carrying its name. The hotel opened on the South part of The Strip in 1999.

Originally, the designs for the Eiffel Tower on the site were planned to scale, but it was feared that a structure so high would have interfered with traffic from nearby McCarran Airport and so a half sized tower was constructed instead. We can all rest a little easier flying in and out knowing that the bright city lights won't be overshadowing the runways.

In 2011, Gordon Ramsey opened a steak house in the property; in 2016, The Budweiser Beer Park opened the first rooftop bar and grill, and in 2015, Hexx opened a restaurant and chocolate store within the casino. It was Hexx that we decided to check out for dinner on our first night on The Strip.

Hexx has an indoor and outdoor seating area and is a well decorated space, which fits in very well to the overall up market theme of the hotel and casino. It is not, however, French, as you may expect. This was a positive in my book as I was looking for non-pretentious, quality food that we could enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.

To clarify; I like French food, but the need to be comfortable and relaxed supersedes any dining requirement. I need to be at ease or I don't see the point in going.

As I'm not a massive fan of getting dolled up for dinner, it was great to see that this lovely restaurant was fairly inclusively priced and we didn't have to be dressed to the nines to get a table. The menu wasn't cheap but, in comparison to surrounding eateries, it also wasn't over the top.

Drinks, on the other hand, were quite pricey. An hour before we arrived, we'd gone for drinks at The Tropicana and spent $36 on two massive 20oz frozen fruit cocktails. For $30 in Hexx, we could get two 4oz non-frozen cocktails and the hotels are just a few minutes' walk from each other. We decided to hold off on drinks and head to another venue afterwards.

I ordered the Classic Burger at a price of $16.95, which was served with regular fries. Les opted for the sausage pesto pizza ($17.95) which was served on its own.

The burger was good, although nothing out of the ordinary, but Les' pizza was superb. It was a great mixture of sausage, basil and olive oil and the base was thin and crispy and tasted more like garlic bread. It was a great combination and I ended up stealing several slices from my husband's plate.

We had a lovely outside table, which we used to its full advantage by indulging in some Extreme People Watching. And boy, were there some extreme people to watch. The inside tables looked a little more spacious, but it's worth a little wait to be sat outside, enjoying the fountain light show at The Bellagio, which is directly opposite the restaurant.

Service was efficient and friendly and two meals cost is a total of $45, which was perfectly reasonable for a major casino. As I stated earlier, though, this didn't include drinks.

The couple at the table next to us had a Groupon deal for a discount on their meal and drinks so, should you be heading to Vegas, it's always a good idea to check for deals and discounts as the competition is understandably fierce in such a relatively small area.

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