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Posted 2016-08-29 by Sue Wfollow
Each day, thousands of people around the city are seen lining up at sushi counters for their lunch time sushi fix. For workers it is a healthy food option they can leisurely enjoy on their own, or grab as a hand roll and eat as they walk. In the evenings it is also just as enjoyable to eat sushi with chopsticks at a local Japanese restaurant and savour the flavours in style. There are some sushis that you buy that don't make an impression, however others make you have that second appreciative look inside it and then dread the last bite. This is how our family has become enamoured with Hero Sushi - a sushi franchise with 31 outlets around the country - however here in Canberra it has the only sushi train in the city. There is another tasty sushi train at Sushi Bay in Belconnen, however if you are in the CBD then Hero Sushi is the place to check out for lunch or dinner. Situated under the popular Dendy Cinemas, it has a steady stream of customers day and night.

For families with older children, it is also an ideal way to eat a healthy lunch or dinner and be entertained by the whole experience. For our young daughter it is quite a novelty - picking her own plate of tuna sushi off the train and enjoying the flavours, whilst watching the parade of other options to go by. There is no need for colouring in pencils or other entertainment with the moving sushi train to watch. With the latest music playing overhead, it is a comfortable place to take the kids and be part of the bustling atmosphere - without feeling the need to be quiet. The stools are quite high for kids however, so there are warning signs around the restaurant to be careful when used by children. However once they are safely perched at the table there is entertainment for all ages to watch - a host of chefs creating new delicacies, blow torches lighting up their flames, sauce bottles creating masterpieces and lightening fast chopping to be amazed by.

There are three other locations of Hero Sushi in Canberra - the Canberra Centre Kiosk in the food court at the other end of the Canberra Centre, downstairs at Tuggeranong Hyperdome and another near the Fresh Food Markets at Woden Westfield Shopping Centre . Since discovering the sushi train however, this is where we will always go for our city sushi fix. For $3.50 a plate night and day, it is good value and comparable to the other sushi stands in town. When you have finished the sushi, look out for the little cakes that travel around on the train to tempt you for dessert. These small morsels look harmless enough, however their decadent and dense filling add a powerful and sweet punch to the end of a savoury meal. They're guaranteed to fill you up before you leave.

Hero Sushi train is just one of many delicious eateries that stretch along Bunda Street, on the ground level of the Canberra Centre and throughout the CBD. For our young family it is a great eating out option, however for others who enjoy Japanese cuisine there is a host of other creative options around the city. Akiba , Lilotang , Iori and Kagawa a short drive away in Dickson, are some of the most popular restaurants mentioned by locals.

With so much choice around the city, how do you decide on where to go? Hero Sushi is ideal if you are after a casual bite on your own, a quick meal before a movie, a relaxed first date idea or a family dinner with a side of entertainment. With so many people seen enjoying it night and day it has to be good.

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