Hero Restaurant, Nairobi

Hero Restaurant, Nairobi


Posted 2021-08-08 by Dee Mbuguafollow
A restaurant with a superhero theme? In Nairobi? I told my best friend: say less. Intentionally avoiding the urge to Google the restaurant to oblivion, I got ready to meet my friend for drinks and maybe a small bite. I wasn't feeling all that hungry and neither was she, so I was happy to just have some wine, enjoy a nice view and great company and call it a night.

On my way over there, my partner issued opposing instructions: "You're going to want to try the food and cocktails". I told my bestie of these new developments and we decided we would do just that: try the food and cocktails.

After I was done gushing over the comic book, superhero-themed menu, we ordered some cocktails and spent the time in between ordering and receiving our drinks, making futile attempts at picking our jaws up from the floor, owing to the stunning views and decor of the restaurant.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking down Trump's Wall and there's really no need to thank me. After her second sip to confirm she had not in fact imagined the magnificence of her drink, my best friend marched up to the bartender and said, "I have a problem with this drink." Looking downtrodden and perplexed, the bartender Chris waited for my friend to continue: "this is the best cocktail I have ever had." I mirrored my friend's sentiments because I was seriously considering whether it was worth it being a responsible adult when faced with such mixological excellence.

You already know by now, I love it when my eyes get to feast just as much as my stomach. The ambience at Hero was an exquisite attack of colours and light reflections - a few of my absolute favourite things.

Given the propensity for people to want to enjoy good things, I'd recommend booking a table, especially if you wish to enjoy the rooftop views as you enjoy your meal and drinks.

We shared the charcoal pork belly skewers, garlic chips and the prawn and grilled avocado sushi rolls.

You know your country is showing off its produce when you have passionfruit oozing out of a sushi roll.

Sushi and passionfruit? So weird and yet so necessary. Once you taste it, you can't un-taste it - it's a festival in the mouth.

My recommendation? Put Hero on the top spot on your bucket list, and go there long enough to enjoy the transition from evening to night.

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