How to Avoid a Humdrum Hen Night

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Posted 2012-08-16 by Katie Thompsonfollow

For years the traditional hen night has followed the same recipe: take ten or so uninhibited women, add a wardrobe fully stocked with feather boas and t-shirts bearing crude slogans and mix it all with alcohol. The result? A drunken, most probably entertaining night out but one that is rather lacking in the originality department. For an alternative to Ann Summers inspired-debauchery, and indeed for that personal touch – try out some of these party games to make sure the mother hen has a clucking good time.

1) Pass the parcel- with a twist
This modern take on the child's party game will require a little prior research, but any good maid of honour should be more than up to the task. The top layer of the parcel should have a post-it or similar attached, which contains the details of an amusing/embarrassing story about one of the hens. After a brief moment of mocking and laughter, said hen confesses that the story is in fact about her and proceeds to open the next layer. The layers and stories continue until the final layer reveals a prize of your choice – and, if you've done your research, a wickedly cringe-worthy story about the bride-to-be.

2) His 'n' hers- couples' quiz
Again, this game will take a little background research, but is guaranteed to embarrass the bride-to-be whilst getting her suitably liquored up if that's the aim of the evening. Quite simply, the maid of honour should consult with the groom-to-be beforehand and ask him a series of questions, such as 'what first attracted you to your fiancée?' or 'what is her favourite food/colour/insert lewd question topic here?' Armed with the answers, the other hens should take it in turns to ask the bride the questions. If her answers match that of her future husband's, the questioner has to take a forfeit. If the blushing bride gets it wrong however, she will have to face one herself. Said forfeits are at the maid of honour's discretion, but a shot is a popular choice!

3) Pin the tail on the donkey
Not for the faint-hearted! Differing only slightly from the original game, this hen night-inspired twist features a photograph of the groom to be (or an image of his head photoshopped onto a muscle-man's body) playing the role of the donkey. As for the tail - you get the idea.

So there you have it- a cheeky take on tame party games with a personal touch that can involve everyone. If you really want to push the boat out, why not try a theme? 'Famous couples' is a fun theme which will give your party a modern vibe – and the perfect excuse to don Wills and Kate masks.

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