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Posted 2020-09-06 by Temafollow

Whether you frequent the city for work, leisure purposes, or are simply passing by, you must have, undoubtedly, seen or at least heard of Hello Sarnie, which has paved the groundwork for being one of the most popular and top-recommended spots to get your lunch and coffee on the go. After successfully opening up and delighting their customers across two stores along Pirie Street (since 2015) and Gawler Place (since 2017), Hello Sarnie by co-founders Andrew Pearce and Mike Kendall-Smith recently celebrated the launch of their third and newest outlet along Waymouth Street.

Decorated in tones of green and white that offer a pleasing combination of minimalistic and nature-themed vibes (and injecting their popular logo colours into their overall aesthetic), Hello Sarnie's layout instantly draws their customers' attention to the brilliant works by SansArc Studio , who have established themselves across various locations in and around Adelaide. The space is quaint but has attracted a generous amount of foot traffic towards their open space, which is perched right by the highly anticipated revamp of the Waymouth Street plaza development.

Having visited Hello Sarnie a few times over the past few years across their different locations, it is clear that the level of customer service consistently and beautifully complements their delicious range of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even baguettes - all concocted by culinary whiz and head chef Ben Allen - and is elegantly displayed in their sandwich bar, which is updated daily.

The choices are endless - from options of 'sarnies' (sandwiches, for those who aren't familiar with the British slang word) with chicken and avocado, salted beef, and your classic ham and cheese, to wraps with turkey and cranberry or pumpkin and beetroot, to salads with Mexican chicken or falafel, to Italian baguettes with salami, roasted capsicum, and hummus. They are also available to suit different dietary requirements (vegan-friendly and gluten-free-friendly options), so you really can't go wrong with their rainbow-coloured menu of superfoods! Packed with the freshest of ingredients that are sourced locally, and garnished with house-made seasonings and dressings, there are a variety of selections to choose from, where customers can enjoy a healthy balance of nutrition and flavour without any compromises on quality, whilst constantly being surprised with a new list of gourmet goodness every few weeks.

Also, for those wondering: YES, they offer catering services too and having had a few friends throw a couple of parties and events using their services, I personally can't recommend their catering highly enough - they tick the boxes around presentation, taste, and quality seamlessly and put together a fantastic entertaining platter of yummy nibbles and bigger serves for small and large groups alike.

Situated in one of the hottest spots within the Adelaide CBD, Hello Sarnie hopes to bring a myriad of customers to their three locations, which are all nestled in spots that make it convenient for those needing lunch-on-the-go, a quick coffee pick-me-up, or simply a place that is not overwhelmingly busy or crowded and can allow for small (and COVID-safe-friendly!) catch-ups to transpire. What's even more impressive is that Hello Sarnie practises a 'zero waste' approach towards their produce, where any unused items are donated to food rescue organization OzHarvest at the end of each day.

Hello Sarnie operates across three locations - Pirie Street, Gawler Place, and Waymouth Street - from Mondays to Fridays from 7am - 4pm.

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