Heathcote Creek Swimming Hole South of Eddles Pool

Heathcote Creek Swimming Hole South of Eddles Pool


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Heathcote Creek Swimming Hole (South of Eddles Pool)

Why you should go: Great for energetic kids.For my ten year old, Jake, to enjoy today's walk, I needed one that was within a half hour drive of Wollongong, and that was under a half hour walk in to a fun activity. I decided that a walk in the Heathcote National Park to Eddles Pool fitted the bill.>{?We drove North from Wollongong up the M1/A1 to Heathcote, then turned left at Oliver Street.

This is a quiet residential area and parking at the end of it, on the street, was easy. Just beyond the turning bay was a gate and an obvious signpost for the Gorburra Track.Twice we set off the wrong way. First, we took the wide swathe of cut grass behind the houses. Then we tried again, on a well-trodden bush trail to the left of the creek. Ten minutes later, we hit a cliff edge. The view was beautiful and well worth the detour but you wouldn't want to stumble across this with little kids.

Back we went again to the signpost. This time we got it right. Sticking close the the left of the creek, I spotted a low faded post and a worn plank bridge. We walked and clambered downhill on sandstone steps through lush bush with Jake enjoying jumping off the rocks.

At the bottom, we walked up and over a metal staircase and joined the Pipeline Trail. I was amused to see that this does indeed carry a giant pipeline.

We turned left and headed South on the Pipeline Trail. There was a slight incline upwards, then the trail levelled out making it an easy walk but a hot one. I was very glad I'd carried in extra water. When we reached the next metal staircase, where the Friendly Track joined Pipeline, we turned right down the hill. This is where the track veers away from the Pipeline in a loop before re-joining it.

At the far side of the loop a couple of young guys helpfully told us that they had no idea where Eddles Pool was but if we carried on, crossed the bridge and looked for the "Koala sign" we could cut down to a swimming hole there. This was easy to find and the creek was just metres away from the trail at this point.

We clambered down to the creek and it was amazing. The water was clear and sparkling, the pool was about 15 metres long and we had an easy walk in points but it was deep enough to swim. There was flat rock all around to picnic and play on. Jake quickly set to work spotting water dragons and pretend fishing, while I cooked our sausages on a camping stove.

After lunch, we popped on swimmers and gingerly waded in. It felt cool to start but once in, the water was beautiful. I brought Jake's life jacket which added to his safety, warmth and fun (who wouldn't love to float effortlessly with blue skies above) We paddled about, up to the far end of the pool. It was fun to marvel at the suddenly cold deep areas and then discover sun-warmed shallow patches. Around the pool, we peered into the large water-filled circular holes in the rocks and saw tadpoles and a frog.

When it was time to go, we walked out on the Friendly Trail. This was consistently uphill with lots of steps. We popped out on Freeman Road at a Scout Camp. This was the perfect ending as the walk from there on to Bella Vista Street was all downhill to Oliver Street. Jake even found the energy to run this last bit across the cool suburban lawns.

I really enjoyed this walk and had that great Mum feeling at the end, where I know my kid has had a hugely fun day, and we've made another great day of happy swimming hole memories together.

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