Mending Broken Hearts - Heart Research Australia

Mending Broken Hearts - Heart Research Australia


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Mon 29 Sep 2014

%%It's Sunday morning.

9.00 - A 56-year-old man develops chest pain
9.17 - He calls an ambulance when pain doesn't stop
9.28 - Ambulance arrives at patient's location in Ryde, Sydney
9.34 - Paramedics take an ECG
ECG sent to Royal North Shore Hospital emergency
Heart attack diagnosed
Cardiac team alerted and head for hospital
9.54 - Patient arrives at hospital
10.20 - Artery unblocked, stent inserted
Heart shows minimal damage
3 days later: Patient goes home, and soon returns to work

Treatment time from onset to surgery – 80 minutes.%%

This is a true story and the positive outcome highlights the importance of heart health education and research. It would've been a very different outcome not so long ago.

Heart disease claims the lives of 45,000 Australians each year but this man lived because he knew the early signs of a heart attack and was fortunate enough to receive groundbreaking early intervention treatment thanks to research funded by Heart Research Australia.

Heart Research Australia raises funds not only for research into heart disease, but other related medical conditions, including personalised intervention for smokers, prevention of kidney injury following heart surgery, treatment for diabetic patients with heart disease and identifying triggers of heart attack.

In addition, Heart Research Australia is committed to helping people understand heart health and empowering them with information about healthy living, types of heart conditions and treatments available. The user-friendly information available on the Heart Research Australia website is easily accessible and a few minutes taken to read this could save your life or that of a loved one.

Medical research is incredibly expensive but without it, we wouldn't have the ability to explore ideas, bring them to life (literally) and to share success stories such as the one above. Research requires the generosity of donors and thankfully, Australians are a generous lot.

As World Heart Day approaches on September 29, take a look at some of the upcoming events being run by Heart Research Australia as well as others supporting the cause.

Why not have fun organizing a morning tea, girls' night out or "lonely hearts" event for your single friends and raise money for medical research at the same time. Heart Research Australia is grateful for any donations to support ongoing research.

While you're at it, the #GetMoving campaign is running until the end of September. This campaign encourages everyone to keep active during the cooler months and you'll have the opportunity to share your exercise selfies on Heart Research Australia's Facebook page , with the chance to win some great prizes!

Keep your eye on WeekendNotes for future events that will have your heart pumping.

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