The Heart Attack Grill

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Posted 2014-07-03 by Scottiefollow
The U.S.A. are the undisputed burger nation and have a reputation for living large and liking their food. Las Vegas is all about opulence, if something can be done then it can be done bigger and better and with more flair. But when these two collide there is a star born. Enter .

Situated on the corner of Freemont Street and North Las Vegas Boulevard, this is a burger restaurant like no other. Establishing themselves as a hospital themed restaurant, the whole place plays on the fact they are fighting Anorexia and shamelessly promoting the unhealthy content of their menu. From the moment you see the weigh-in booth outside, (checking for those who may qualify for a free single bypass burger - by weighing over 350 lbs), you realise you need to adjust your mind-set from societies' norm of being calorie conscious, everything here is designed to be deliberately provocative as part of their overall marketing strategy.

As you walk inside there are TV screens behind the bar area showing fake-medical documentaries about fighting thinness as well as previous patrons flexing their gastro-muscles, gurneys and wheelchairs tucked to the side and scantily clad nurses waiting on tables and ready to show you to your seat. You will of course be required to get your medical wristband and hospital gown before being shown to your table and given the choice of how best to fill your weeks calorie intake in one sitting.

Chances are if you are coming here for the first time, you will have your heart (excuse the pun) firmly set on trying one of their famous burgers. Not content with just an ordinary burger menu, has varying options based on their Single Bypass Burger and then increasing the number of beef patties it contains as it goes to the Double Bypass Burger, Triple Bypass and so-on until it reaches the grand total of their behemoth Octuple Bypass Burger, yes that is eight layers of beef patty, onion, cheese and tomato. And if that isn't enough for you then they will gladly add Chilli and Bacon to any of their burger options as well for a small added fee. There is a reason they currently hold the Guinness World Record for the highest calorie burger. The thing is, that even despite the insane size and content of the burgers, they are actually really tasty and even those of us who didn't get the Quad-Burger still enjoyed the flavor of their Single Bypass Burgers....but where is the challenge in that?

For those who fancy something other than burger, but still want to increase their cholesterol for the winter months, the restaurant also offers some equally high calorie items. The Coronary Dog, a hotdog covered in chilli, cheese and onions with the option of bacon or Flatliner Fries, deep fried in pure lard and topped with cheese and chilli are on offer, while their vegan menu only contains cigarettes, it's 100% loose leaf tobacco. For drinks you can opt for a Buttermilk Shake, in one of a number of high sugar content flavorings ranging from a tame Vanilla through Chocolate Peanut Butter or Maple Bacon and right to the obscenely gluttonous Cookie Dough or Marshmallow offerings.

For those who are planning on loading up on the alcohol while there as well, they have you covered as well, and other than the 24oz cans of beer, all equally hospital themed. Jello shots come in an actual plastic syringe, the red and white wine comes in an IV drip-bag on a mobile pole and shots of spirits come in a 3.2oz version, which is actually a 100cc pill bottle complete with your name on the label.

This is certainly not a place for the faint of heart or diet conscious individual. It is though, a rip-roaring fun roller-coaster ride of indulgent gluttony and is well worth a look the next time you come to Freemont Street. Just be sure to pack a large appetite because the nurses are there to meet out corporal punishment to anyone who doesn't eat all their food with a wooden paddle.

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